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About Horror Movies.ca:

HorrorMovies.ca is a leading fan site devoted to all things horror that was founded in 2005. We have a global audience and a global team that is passionate about horror movies. We are not a corporate site and we are not paid writers we blog about horror because we love the genre. We are one of the largest horror websites in the world and are quite proud of the fact that we are a horror site by fans and for fans. As of November 2013 we are one of the Top 155 most read Entertainment Movie News sites in North America.

We work on this site and contribute to the horror community because we love the genre, love the community and want to be a positive voice within it. If and when it no longer is a passion of love you will know… we will cease to exist. If you would like to get in touch with us you can do so by using the form at the end of this page.

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If you have a passion for horror and want to contribute to our site we are always looking for new talented individuals to bring their voice to our team. If interested email us using the form below. All positions are voluntary but we bring exposure to a very large audience and many unique opportunities. We can be reached at scoops @ horror-movies .ca


The Team Behind Horror-Movies.ca

Herner Klenthur ( Founder )

Herner Klenthur founded HorrorMovies.ca and is not a writer in any sense of the word. He is a passionate horror fan who loves the genre and is looking to educate and learn with the community about the horror genre. Herner is an information technology manager and does quite a bit of the design and code you see as well as the day to day news blogging. Herner is located in Canada.

Chris Savage ( Senior Contributor )

Hailing from across the pond in England Deth_Banger has been an avid horror fan for many years currently living with his fiancée and 10 year old stepson. He is an absolute fan-boy of Megadeth hence the name Deth_Banger, it has nothing to do with necrophilia regardless of what anyone says. He was once an amateur wrestler and has made a couple of no-budget horror films.

Jason McDonald ( Senior Contributor )

Starting with a blog and a pocket full of dreams, Jason has worked his way across the internet as an entertainment reporter and now he calls Horror-Movies.ca his home.  From covering renowned film festivals to visiting local haunted houses, Jason has seen just about everything the horror scene has to offer.  Currently he provides day to day articles on horror movies and video games along with reviews and editorial pieces.
Jason resides in Southern California and is available to attend birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.  If you have something you want to show him or a tip you’d like to pass on, please feel free to e-mail him

Flay Otter’s ( Film Critic )

Flay Otters has not found the time to contribute  a bio for the site yet but he is one of our most valuable team members reviewing the latest and greatest in film as often as he can.

Frank Fierro Jr. ( Movie Database Cryptkeeper )

Frank’s love for horror movies wasn’t always so strong. At a young age, he was actually terrified of Chucky and had nightmares quite often. It wasn’t until around 14 years old that he decided to go to the local rental store with his older sister and start the Friday the 13th series from the beginning. Ever since that day, he hasn’t been able to get enough horror in his life — listening to psychobilly, horror punk, and horrorcore hip hop and watching at least five horror films per week; his favorite being of the slasher or creature-feature variety.  Frank promises to do his best to keep the rest of you guys up-to-date with what is going on in the horror community.

PoppaScotch aka John. ( Weekly Editorial )

John Woginrich (Woah^guh -in-rich)  hails from Northeastern Pennsylvania U.S and was raised on a healthy dose of local Mom and Pops video store VHS rentals since 1989, which was way too soon for a young boy to be watching all of that gore and nudity.  Luckily he has two older sisters that loved to be scared and willing to rent anything that his young mind asked for.  Carpenter and Romero round out his personal stable of heroes, but John is always on the lookout for new and exciting talent in the genre by absorbing as many horror films as time permits him outside of his career as a Commercial Networking Engineer.

Outside of horror-movies.ca, John spends his free time writing in various mediums of horror including texts on analysis, fiction, and screenplays (none of which have made this poor bastard any money… yet) and spends way too much time absorbing popular culture.

Cap Howdy ( Community Moderator )

Not much is known about Cap Howdy, and that’s just the way he likes it. He never started out with the intention of being a writer but for some reason Meh thought it was a good idea to shanghai him for the role anyway. Strangely enough it worked and now Cap writes for several sites. Cap will only write about things that interest him which isn’t a real problem as his short attention span means he’s interested in pretty much anything.

He clearly remembers being scared by the Zuni doll from Trilogy of Terror at the age of 7 and laughing at it when aged 8. From that point on his lifelong passion for horror was fixed. Cap has spent the intervening years searching for a horror movie that will give him the same visceral sense of fear that the Zuni doll gave him at age 7. The search continues. He currently resides in a top secret research facility somewhere in the UK where he has written articles on many topics apart from horror including computer security and new technology.

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