The 10 Best Fathers Day Horror Movies

Monster Mary

Horror Movies are full of Evil Fathers who love to teach their young children their evil ways or maybe they just want to kill their own offspring in some twisted horrible way.   What better way to spend this Father’s Day then with an Evil dad?

You know the type…keeps an axe close by, buries his children in old cemeteries, or even keeps a leather suit around just in case he needs to shoot a few kids in the wall.   So here is my list of some of the most vile and evil Fathers around….  Happy Father’s Day!

10- Creepshow (1982)

The first segment in the anthology Creepshow is written by Stephen King and called “Father”s Day”.   A woman who is taking care of her abusive elderly father, kills him in a fit of rage while shouting “Happy father’s Day!”.   However Dad, still wants his cake years later and might just come back from the grave for it.

9- Amityville Horror (1979)

James Brolin and Margot Kidder move into what they think is their dream home, but the house has other plans for the young family and they barely escape with their lives.  So if you find a house that seems to good to be true , be sure to check out the history first or dad just might go Psycho!

8- Pet Sematary (1989)

What lengths would a Father go to if he lost his young son in a tragic accident?  What if there were ancient burial grounds nearby that could bring him back to life?  What Father wouldn’t at least try to help his son?   But at what cost?  What will the toddler come back as?  All I know is when Stephen King is writing the story, it’s guaranteed not to end well!   Also check out Pet Sematary 2 for a very evil Zombie  stepfather.

7- Eyes Without A Face (1960)

A young girl that was horribly disfigured in a car accident, is forced to wear a mask at all times.  Her Father, an Evil Doctor, is trying to fix her face.   The Doctor and his assistant kidnap young girls and surgically remove their faces in hopes that he can graft a new face on to his daughter.  His daughter is not very happy about the situation and takes matters into her own hands.

6- The Night of the Hunter (1955)

Robert Mitchum stars as an evil minister and grifter that will stop at nothing to find the money that was stolen by his cellmate.  He figures out where the man’s family lives and romances the woman into marrying him so that he can be closer to the family and steal the money.  The children know where the money is hidden but they aren’t telling anyone!

5- The People Under the Stairs (1991)

Daddy and Mommy live in a very large mansion while their tenants live in slums.  After Daddy and Mommy try to evict families from their slum buildings, some of the tenants try to break into the mansion to steal gold hidden in the walls.  What the thieves end up finding instead, is pretty terrifying.

4- The Woman (2011)

Chris seems like the perfect father and business man to the outside world, but his family know all his terrible secrets.  He finds and terrorizes a wild woman by locking her up in the shed.  He then teaches his son all his evil ways , by encouraging him to follow in his foot steps.

3- The Stepfather (1987)

Terry O’Quinn (John Locke from Lost)  is deliciously evil as The Stepfather.  He marries a widower but her daughter (Jill Schoelen from Popcorn and Cutting Class) is very suspicious of her new Dad.  She looks into his past and finds some very  troubling secrets.  The sequels are worth checking out also.

2-The Shining (1980)

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  It also seems to make him chase after his family with an axe!  Jack Nicholson goes Psycho after arriving at the Overlook Hotel to be the caretaker for the off season.  He becomes possessed by the Hotel and terrorizes his wife and young son.

1- Frailty (2001)

Frailty is one of my favourite psychological thrillers starring Bill Paxton and Matthew MacConaughey.   The Father claims to see Demons whenever he touches an evil person and is convinced that he is ridding the world of evil.  He then has his young sons help him kill and dismember the victims.



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      1. Rodd Buddha June 18, 2013 at 6:06 am

        What about the father from The Grudge. Technically he is responsible for the whole grudge happening in the first place.

      2. crashpalace (@crashpalace) June 17, 2014 at 1:57 pm

        THE WOMAN, FRAILTY, THE SHINING, and THE STEPFATHER win big for me. Excellent list!