Horrors Hallowed Grounds Lives On


One of the main reasons I was planning on picking up The Horror Channel was to get Sean Clarks show "Horrors Hallowed Grounds". I had read many of his articles and watched the trailer and thought the show looked great. It was something I definetly was looking forward to.

Well as most of you know The Horror Channel is going through ALOT of inner turmoil so I decided to get in touch with Sean Clark and ask him what was happening with the show. Here is what he told me about the fate of Horrors Hallowed Grounds:

"Well the on-line article will move to Dread Central. The first episode will still be on the Halloween 25 Years of Terror DVD due out in store July 25th. Beyond that I am looking for another outlet. I didn't have any major offers but just interest from other outlets. I am now going to shop it around to various outlets and see what happens. That is where I am at with it right now."

Hopefully he will find a great home for the show as I am very excited to see some of the locations of my favorite movies. For now you can check out more about the show at its official Myspace page or Check out some of his online articles here.

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