The Machine Girl Poster


I recently posted a trailer/synopsis about a wonderully intriguing asian action/horror called The Machine Girl.  While looking for any more information on the film, I somehow overlooked the first poster for the film over at TwitchFilm.  If you ask me it's a cross between a Captain Morgan ad and the Death Proof poster.  Fortunately for The Machine Girl, thats not necessarily a bad comparison.

Machine Girl is about a teenager named Ami who sets out for revenge on a gang of bullies who tortured her little brother to death. She winds up losing an arm along the way, and replaces it with a high-powered gun, àla Rose McGowan in Grindhouse. But she doesn't stop at one limb; Ami continues to lose body parts and replace them with more weapons as she is hellbent on revenge. The Machine Girl is slated to be released by Fever Dreams at a TBD 2008 date in Japan.

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