Roger Avary & Neil Gaiman do Black Hole


When I first heard the title of this new MTV Films movie called Black Hole I thought it was a space movie. Its not its a horror movie about a sexually transmitted disease. Think about the 'Black Hole' bit for a second and I bet you can figure out the reference.

Set in the 70's in Seattle the film is about a sexually transmitted disease that does more then just give you the itches. It makes you mutate and the film is about the world of two groups. The normal people who practice safe sex and dont have 2 heads and 4 eyes and the rest who have sex like rabbits and get the disease and end up freaks living in the underbelly of society. Sounds kinda cool.... I wonder if its trying to give us a life lesson. Remember kids if you dont bag it your gonna end up with 4 eyes, a hunch in your back and a craving for human flesh. Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary two very talented folks are writing the screenplay.

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