How Cloverfield Got its Name


Ok first off this is spoilertastic. We are going to tell you how Clover got its name. So if you dont wanna know dont read on any further. So much speculation on how Cloverfield got its name. What significance did it have? Why was it chosen. The answer it seems is quite simple and un-important. It has nothing to do with the movie at all its one of those names that is about as random as picking a name out of the yellowpages. The answer revealed to us by Paramount is this;

It was, in fact, one of Abrams’ and Burk’s agents, John Fogelman, who, having seen the word “monster” one too many times in private e-mail correspondence, suggested calling the project “Cloverfield,” after a main street near Abrams’ office in West Los Angeles.

“We started working on the movie, and it became like a nickname. But we thought, ‘There’s no way that’s going to be the title of the movie,’” Abrams recalls. “We even had another title, ‘Greyshot,’ the name of the bridge that Rob and Beth are hiding under in Central Park at the end of the film, which we were all set to announce at Comic-Con. But, by that time, the name ‘Cloverfield’ had already leaked out, and the fans already knew it by that name, so we just decided to stick with that.”

Hows that for a super cool name? Its had so much buzz, so much speculation of 'What is CloverField'. Well kids its the street where JJ Abrams Office is. Its kinda a let down when your expecting so much more. Being honest I find the name lazy and lackluster. I preferred the title 1-18-08 which was just the release date but perhaps thats not the best name. Which of the names did you like best? Thoughts? Comments? Share em!

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