Uwe Boll Finally Gone? Rejoice!


According to the Hollywood Reporter, Uwe Boll's most recent bomb Dungeon Siege has forced him to seek funding the old fashioned way. As you all know this past weekend In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale cost nearly $70 million and only raked in $3 million. Dejected Boll told the trade that he will no longer be able to make big budget films.

Previously Boll would finance his films through German Tax Shelter funds. Dungeon Siege was the last film bankrolled by that fund and has now been banned in Germany. Now Boll is being forced to do it like everyone else through pre-sales. Which means he will have an extremely hard time selling anything to studios knowing his name will be attached with his track record.

So is this the end of Uwe Boll? Well it looks like he still determined to make new films but he will have to do so with much smaller budgets and go the indie route. Right now he has plans to adapt the zombie shoot'em up video game Zombie Massacre. Then he will be off to work on the Vietnam war drama, 'Tunnel Rats'.

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