Van Helsing Collectors Edition DVD Art


Van Helsing Movie DetailsThe collectors edition of Van Helsing is coming to DVD on July 7th and we have a sneak peak at the pirty dvd art. No idea on any special features but if you have the inside scoop feel free to email.

Set in the late 19th century, monster hunter Dr. Gabriel Van Helsing (Jackman) is summoned to a mysterious land in East Europe to vanquish evil forces... evil forces with names like Count Dracula (Roxburgh), the Wolf Man (Kemp), and Frankenstein's Monster (Hensley).

Assisting him once he gets there is Anna (Beckinsale), the heir of a long-running family committed to hunting down and destroying Dracula.

I didnt hate the movie, but I did not love it either. Lets hope the collectors edition includes 10 bonus minutes of Kate Beckinsale!

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