Spidermans VENOM Gets a Movie


Not exactly horror news but venom is one scary mother. A while back it was reported on ReelComix that Venom would get his own movie and SONY wants Topher Grace back to reprise the role. But heres the thing that stands out. How do you do a movie about a pure evil character and have that character be the focus? It sounds like a horror movie to me. You cant exactly do a PG13 movie about a character that looks like Venom and does what Venom does. Todd McFarlane agrees. He posed similar questions at NewsArama

“You don’t want to scare the kids, because the kids love the character,” McFarlane said of Venom, echoing the sentiment of those in Hollywood who maintain superhero movies must be PG or PG-13 to succeed because they need young audiences. “But I think you could add a little bit of a creep factor. I mean, it never bugged me to watch Frankenstein as a kid, so you could have a little bit of it, as long as you have a good story backing it up.”

But even if the new Venom is “creepier,” the artist questioned the idea of a villain being the center character of a Spider-Man spin-off. “I’m thinking about how they want to make anti-heroes nowadays,” he said, using the Halle Berry Catwoman film as an example. “Those don’t work. The reason they’re so cool as a bad guy is because they’re bad. And as soon as you try to give too much humanity to them, then you go, no! Now they’re not as good as a bad guy because you’re trying to redeem them.”

He said that although “smart people can make things happen in other ways,” he doesn’t think Venom can make an audience care about him if he’s still a villain. McFarlane said that Don Corleone and the Sopranos are examples of characters who were able to entice viewer sympathy despite their villainy, “but they were human. Can you bring that mentality to Venom and make it work? Or do you make him all bad?

What do you think? Venom movie good idea or bad idea? Can it work in mainstream? Or could we have a bad ass new horror movie in the works?

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