Motel Hell Remake Update


Motel Hell is actually one remake that I think could be really good. The original has always been a favorite of mine but I still think a lot could be done to add to the story and special FX. STYD spoke with Twisted Pictures Mark Burg about the project and where it could be headed.

"We were going to do it and we couldn't come up with a script we liked," Twisted Pictures' Mark Burg told the site at the Scream 2008 awards ceremony in Hollywood. "I'm not going to make a movie just to make a movie. We had a couple of drafts and none of them are good enough - so why do it?"

So now the project is back at MGM where they have been moving with the project. Not long ago it was rumored that Steven C. Miller (Automaton Transfusion) may direct. We'll be following the progress of this film and let you know as soon as something catches our eye.

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