More Updates on Scream 4


Back in July we told you that the studio was working hard to do a Scream 4 and that it would be a reboot and not a continuation. So think remake... since reboot is the new way studios say remake to stop us from screaming bloody murder. Today community member MisJigsaw posted an update on the film which is quite interesting;

A fourth instalment of the horror franchise has been announced and will start filming early in 2009. The press release described the film as "re-starting the Scream franchise," which has been regarded as indication of a new cast and the concept of further films to be produced in the future. Jamie Kennedy has since told iFMagazine that he may reprise his role as Randy Meeks in the fourth film, despite his character having previously been killed off in the second film of the trilogy. He also claimed that the rest of the cast would be a mixture of new characters with "old faces that you wouldn’t believe," and that the film will only go ahead with the involvement of director Wes Craven.

In another interview, Kennedy stated that Bob Weinstein wants everyone to return, saying "Bob wants us all to return for another film... I don't know how I'd return, but he wants me back." In a recent interview with tentative script writer Michael T. Kennedy, he stated that most of the old characters, including Sidney Prescott, have been written into the script, and that it is the last film to feature the original cast.

On December 13th 2008, Michael T. Kennedy confirmed that his manager is still awaiting a response from the Weinsteins regarding whether or not they will use his script - all that is known at present is that they are still looking over the material.

Wes Craven has publicly stated that although he got a bum deal with CURSED and the Weinsteins he is still very much interested in doing a Scream 4 and has reportedly even sat down with Neve Campbell to talk to her about it. I am not sure what Neve is up to these days so she may very well be interested if the right script is presented. What are your thoughts on Scream 4? Got your own horror scoop? Drop us a line!

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