Silent Hill 2 Coming to Canada


There has been very little talk about Silent Hill 2 for quite some time. In fact there has been no talk about it for years. The last we heard was that Neil Gaiman and Christopher Gans would not be back and that was at least a year ago.

Today from a reliable source who has been the source of many scoops for our site writes in to tell us that the Silent Hill 2 production is still running along. Apparently they are looking to the Great White North, more specifically Toronto to shoot the sequel.

I am not really that excited since the first film really did not do it for me. That said I am sure it has its fans and this may be exciting news for some of you! We dont have anything else for you but as soon as we do we will be sure to post about it! As always if you have your own scoops feel free to shoot them our way.

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