5 Famous Horror Set Rumors


There are a number of films out there that truly terrify audiences.   There may be a movie that comes along and expresses certain fears that society is collectively afraid of, or maybe the movie has a complete opposite effect.  For example it’s a niche film that seems to have been made to exploit your personal fears (like Arachnophobia if you are afraid of spiders).  Then again, sometimes the scariest and oddest thing that comes out of the movie set is the bizarre rumors and occurrences behind the scenes. 

Once the internet hears about these rumors they get their talons in them and of course immediately blows these things out of proportion making the stories more sick, twisted, ironic, and plain old inappropriate then ever imagined.  Then again, every once in a while these sick and twisted stories turn out to be true.  So, in the interest of sharing fascinating trivia with you, I give you five extremely popular movie set rumors and a nice little look into their validity.

5. The Poltergeist Curse Rumor:  Everyone involved in the film Poltergeist (which is a movie about ghosts, not just a clever title) had immediately fallen on hard times.

  • Evidence:  Think Omen level bad again.  The older sister in the family played by Dominique was strangled and killed by her boyfriend during the year the movie was released.  The creepy little girl Heather died from Septic shock after filming the 3rd film.  Julian Beck (Kane PII) died of stomach cancer after she filmed her scene for Poltergeist II.  Also 53 year old Will Sampson died 6 weeks after a lung transplant that didn’t take due to a weakened condition before his surgery (He was also Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest).  Also Jo Beth Williams and Craig T. Nelson would never appear in anything important ever again (Coach doesn’t count for anything)
  • Is it true: It’s not as bat shit insane as the Omen curse, but it’s definitely enough to make us wonder.  Then again I’m the skeptic and I’m saying this one is a coincidence. 

4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s Suspicious Funding Rumor:  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was funded by the profits of the film Deep Throat starring Linda Lovelace (it was a infamous porno flick).

  • Evidence:  The film Deep Throat was a monumental success (some put its gross around the 600 million dollar mark), but because of shady mob dealings no official books were ever kept.  In the interviews on the 30th Anniversary DVD (of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre),Tobe Hooper said that the movie was a financial success, but since the mob was involved with the distributor, most of the box office receipts were never officially reported. 
  • Is it true:  This one looks like it is true.  In fact, if Wikipedia is to be believed, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was distributed by Bryanston Distributing, which did have a production arm called Bryanston Pictures.  They of course went under when the obscenity charges for Deep Throat put heavy mob names in the spotlight and as they are want to do, other mob related charges were dropped on the Bryanston Pictures Company.  It was swiftly abandoned.  So I supposed there is no official record of money going from Bryanston Distributor into Bryanston Pictures to actually fund The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but some heavy assuming is in order.

3. In The Wizard of Oz, a dead body ruins a shot Rumor:  During the Wizard of Oz, it’s rumored that one of the munchkins killed themselves and are hanging from a prop tree in the background of this extremely wholesome family movie.

  • Evidence: It’s right here.  Then it is subsequently debunked in all the youtube comments.
  • Is it true: No, it was a bird that was on loan from the Los Angeles Zoo.  It was there to make the set look a little bit more real, not have a peacock fool people into thinking it was a small person dying because the love of their life rejected them.

2. Cannibal Holocaust: Not just killing Animals Rumor:  In the pseudo documentary Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato killed animals AND people for his film.

  • Evidence:  Way before the Blair Witch Project was Cannibal Holocaust.  In the film, a group of film students making a documentary of remote villages go missing when someone comes across their found footage including murders and dismemberment of human cadavers. 
  • Is it True: Hell no.  When the film was released in Italy, it only took 10 days for the film to be seized by the courts where they thought that the murders in the film were just a bit too real.  When Deodato had the actors appear in court and testify to the fact that they aren’t dead, the charges were dropped and then it took a short 3 years for the movie to finally not be banned in its home country.  So it was unfortunate at the time for the filmmakers, but at least the marketing department got a whole lot of free advertising.

1. The Omen is evil Rumor:  Everyone involved in the movie The Omen now has a curse on them.

  • Evidence:  Well apparently there were a number of bizarre accidents that occurred behind the scenes of the film.  David Seltzer (writer) has his plane struck by lightening as did Gregory Peck, on an entirely different plane! The only difference being that while Seltzer only had a minor inconvenience, the plane that Gregory Peck occupied almost plummeted to the ground before the pilots recovered the aircraft.  On a separate occasion Gregory Peck cancelled a plane reservation only to see the plane end up crashing after take off.  Oh and in addition to that mess, director Richard Donner has a bomb go off in his hotel, the Rotweilers attacked their trainer, The girlfriend of the special effects coordinator who rigged up the famous decapitation scene was decapitated 3 years later, and The warden in the safari park was killed by a lion the day after the scene was shot.
  • Is it True:  Well I guess we can’t really prove the movie is cursed, but if there ever was an argument for it…

So what do you think?  Can you think of any other weird behind the scenes stories?  If so, then share with everyone!

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