5 Horror Remakes, Horror Sequels To Look Forward To


There are alot of remakes and sequels being planned by Hollywood and quite frankly alot of them, especially the remakes are a complete joke to most of us horror fans. That said there are some horror remakes and upcoming horror sequels that are peaking my interest and probably should be on your radar. So with that said here are 5 that I think are noteworthy and also worth being excited about.

Predator Remake: Predator is one of my favorite films. I enjoyed the original and Predator 2 and in fact I have said in the past and still feel I liked the sequel more because of its urban setting and the insane action elements. The predator did some serious carnage in both films.

The new remake is actually going to be a complete reboot and the key element that makes this one note worthy is the fact that it will be developed by Robert Rodriguez.  Everything he touches turns to gold. Whether its Dusk Til Dawn, GrindHouse or even SinCity this guy just cant fail. If anyone can bring new life to Predator its him! Alex Litvak who is currently working on Medieval will be penning the story for Robert Rodriquez who will produce... not direct as was earlier reported. The remake / reboot will be three new films where the Predator will take on otherwordly baddies.

Ghost Busters Sequel: Ghost Busters is admittedly not really horror but it does involve ghosts and ghouls so I think its still worth mentioning on our site. Scifi Action definitely but enough ghosts to make me mention it. GhostBusters 3 will re-unite the original cast but will also bring in a new element in the form of a 'Ghost Buster Academy' where the original cast will be training cadets to fight ghosts.

Army of Darkness / Evil Dead Remakes: Really both fall into the same grain so I am putting them as one on my list. I loved Army of Darkness so much that I own every edition on DVD and have watched it well over 40 times over the many years I have owned it. Bruce Campbell comes into his own in this film delivering huge laughs, within a fantastic tale that is a great mix of Lord of the Rings and undead magic. Whether they choose to redo Evil Dead or relaunch Army of Darkness both are worth my time I feel. Their is alot of talks and lots of false starts on the movies but Sam Raimi has made it clear he and his brother are going to write it and make it happen. Lets hope its soon!

The Thing Remake / Prequel: Admittedly I am not a big fan of trying to redo the magic of The Thing but I loved the one done with Kurt Russell enough that I am looking forward to seeing how they can bring this one forward with a new twist to it. Enough time has gone past and I have enough love for The Thing I can live with the idea of doing a remake of it. Plus it helps that its not a true remake, but rather a prequel. The producer Marc Abraham has revealed that the film will take place just before the events of the John Carpenter film and will explain the events that led up to the film. So the assumption would be this film will focus on how the Norwegians were killed in the first film which is where the film starts.

30 days of Night Sequel: Steve Niles recently came out and confirmed that that truly fantastic 30 Days of Night which was directed by David Slade will get a sequel. The catch is that it will be a direct to dvd release. That said who cares? Direct to DVD is not a bad thing by any means and if they put even half the effort they put into the first one it will be well worth checking out. The script is based off another comic he wrote as a sequel titled Dark Days. In “Dark Days,” the character of Stella Olemaun heads to Los Angeles after surviving the vampire attack in Barrow, Alaska. She intentionally attracts the attention of the local vampire population in order to avenge the death of her husband, Eben, during the Barrow incident.

Those are my 5 that I am looking forward to. In the upcoming slate of horror remakes and sequels what ones catch your eye?

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