ABC's New V Series Trailer


Below you can checkout the trailer for the brand new series called V on ABC. Of course its worth noting the new series is a remake of the classic mini series which we all know and love... or at least I do. The series stars various bit actors from our favorite shows including Lost, FireFly and The Sarah Conner Chronicles. Watch the trailer below. Tks to Scott for sending it over.

The new series will focus on a female Homeland Security operative who discovers that mankind is doomed as the alien race sets out to wipe out mankind.. or at least turn our world into a burnt crispy tater. It is written by the producer of The 4400 which also is a pretty good scifi series. I think this could have alot of potential if they do not skimp to badly but yeah I also dont think it will have the same magic as the first one did... when do they?  

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