Hottest Horror Vixens Of All Time


Awhile ago BTK started a thread on the hottest women in horror and you all jumped on board sharing photos of your favorite horror vixens and this editorail is a tribute to that using the photos and films you came up with. The thread was fantastic packed full of goodies for your eyeballs as well as some very talented women in horror.

So in no particular order here are the Hottest Women of Horror decided by you the fans. I would like to add that with the exclusion of you all have fine tastes. You will see why as you read on. Here is your list:

Natasha Henstridge: Broke into the horror scene with SPECIES which was a great scifi film that added the right levels of hot and gruesome all in one killer alien from outter space.

Zita Johann: The main squeeze in the original Mummy movie. And no I do not mean the one starring Branden Fraser.

Asia Argento: A clear choice since not only is she a great horror vixen but her blood line is steeped in horror as she is the daughter of legendary horror master Dario Argento.

Sheri Moon Zombie: Her big claim to fame in horror is having starred in the Halloween Remake and Devils rejects. She was fantastic in Devils Rejects but its a shame most of her credibility in our genre comes from being married to Rob Zombie

Jennifer Love Hewitt: This one is a personal fave of mine. She is a full figured beauty who has starred in I know what you did last summer. She needs to do more horror and give that horrible TV show Ghost Whisperer a rest. She can eat crackers in my bed anyday... hell she can eat sloppy joes and stain the sheets!

Neve Campbell: SCREAM is where most of us know her from but lets be honest. Wild Things is the movie we all recognize most when we hear her name. Her makeout session with Denise Richards was easily one of the hottest girl on girl makeout scenes in film.

Zelda Rubenstein: This one comes from community member . He thinks she is hot. Thats all I am going to say.

Barbara Crompton: Barbara is a retro beauty that starred in Re-Animator. The Classic Blonde ScreamQueen!

Kelly Brook: She is starring in the upcoming remake of Piranha being shot in 3-D and I am sure alot of lads can not wait to see her 'assetts' in 3-D.

Simone Simon: Star of of Val Lewton's CAT PEOPLE

Linnea Quigley: This one should need NO explaining. Her erotic strip show in Return of the Living Dead gave every man who saw it some serious lumber problems.

Adrienne Barbeau: Easily the most well rounded retro hottie from the horror genre. She starred in Creepshow and the original FOG.

Kate Beckinsale: Star of The Underworld franchise she will next be seen in Whiteout. She is one hot momma. Literally.. she has kids!

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Summed up nicely with BUFFY. She also starred in The Grudge and will be seen in POSESSION.

Salma Hayek: Umm hello? Dusk Till Dawn? Nuff said! AS much as Linnea Quigleys strip teases was the first really erotic show... Salma took the throne with her highly flexible and uber erotic show at the Titty Twister.

Elisha Cuthbert: Alot of you really really hated captivity but for some reason  I enjoyed it. Without a doubt one of the reasons was getting to watch Elisha.

Sienna Guillory - She starred in Resident Evil: Apocalypse and completely upped the hot factor. In my views she is WAY hotter then Mila and that outfit... you just cant go wrong.

Yvonne De Carlo: She played Lily Munster. The fun part is the member who submitted this one ( Kaci ) looks like her. Wowza!

Milla Jovovich: Last but not least we have Milla. Her big claim to fame is Resident Evil and she will next be seen in Perfect Holiday.

Danielle Harris: After much comments its clear we missed a real hottie in Danielle Harris of Halloween fame.

Now that you have seen our Top list of Hottest Horror Women from the readers, which ones do you think are missing? Post with a photo in the comments and maybe we will do another one!

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