Ulli Lommel's DC Sniper & 3D Frankenstein

Ulli Lommel is a filmmaker we really haven't given any attention to at this website, probably for very good reason.  His films are incredibly, incredibly bad.  Lommel for the last five years has cranked out seventeen, extreme low budget serial killer films straight to DVD.  With titles like Green River Killer, The Tomb, Zodiac Killer, and Diary of a Cannibal his films are mostly adorned with From the Director of The Boogeyman (a film he made in 1980) above the title. 

However he has drawn my attention as his production label Hollywood Action House has announced they have wrapped on a film called DC Sniper, based on the 2002 sniper attacks that plagued Virginia, DC and Maryland and left ten people dead.  As a Northern Virginia native (hailing from Fauquier County, yeah if you say it wrong it sounds very rude) this instantly caught my attention as Lommel's films, while carrying the names of famous murderers hold barely a passing resemblence to the actual events.  So I can only imagine how far of course this may be.  The thing that also caught me was that genre icon Ken Foree is in the film, apparently in the role of John Allen Muhammad.

HAH also announced that up next for them is an updated version of Frankenstein and going along with other companies, this will be in 3D.  No word if it'll be the old anaglyph or the new polarization method, though as Lommel's movie go straight to video, I'm shooting more for the former.  Lommel will be directing the $10million dollar feature, which has a teenage Doctor Frankenstein and wrestling.   So, I take it he creates the ulitmate fighter? 

No release date for DC Sniper has been given, though like Lommel's string of serial killer cinema I imagine it'll go straight to DVD.  Frankenstein In 3D, surprised as it has such a large budget for Lommel, but it's release date is March 2010. 
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