2 More of the 32 Rules of Zombieland Revealed


When Zombieland came out I took it upon myself to list all 32 Rules of Zombieland. Of course as those of you who have seen the film know, not all 32 of the rules are known.

So I had to fill in some gaps and it seems you all had alot of fun reading it. Today thanks to some new posters I have 2 more of the LEGIT rules. So here are the known 32 Rules of Zombieland so far;

#1: Cardio
#2: Beware of Bathrooms
#3: Seatbelts
#4: Double Tap
#8: Get a Kick Ass Partner
#15: Know Your Way Out
#17: Don't Be a Hero
#18: Limber Up
#21: Avoid Strip Clubs
#23: God Bless Rednecks
#31: Check the backseat
#32: Enjoy the little things

All of those rules above are actual rules from the film. If you have any I do not please feel free to comment but please also include a source so we can verify it.

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