Silent Hill 2 in 2010?


So back in the day we told you a Silent Hill 2 was coming at which point everyone said we were on crack, shortly after it was proven to be right. Around here we try not to make up our stories as much as possible. Although I will admit when Goon is on crack he does make up alot of stuff. The sequel was confirmed a long time ago but now from ShocktilyouDrop comes word that it might start filming in 2010. Designer Paul Jones tells them; 

“I was working on storyboards for that around the same time last year…It’s going to be pretty crazy. There’s a lot of cool stuff in there. Roger (Avary) has some awesome ideas and hopefully we’re going to bring that to fruition sometime next year.”

Silent Hill was a very visually slick film and Silent Hill 2 if done right could be a big hit.

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