5 Brutal Horror Movie Scenes from 2009


Honestly overall 2009 was a pretty damn good year for horror but unfortunately if you were looking for good scares you needed to look in most cases overseas but regardless I have managed to come up with 5 Shocking Horror Movie Moments from 2009. Make note kids this post contains spoilers if that was not obvious already.

These are not all scary, some are tragic but they all are scenes which should have made you sit up and pay attention. So without further ado here are 5 films moments in horror from 2009 that really caught my eye.

Martyrs The Skinning Scene: Martyrs is summed up nicely as one f*cked up movie. Its got a fantastic story and its easily one of the most violent and disturbing movies I have ever seen. I tend to hate violence and gore for the sake of it but will admit that Martyrs pushed the limits of good taste but also rocked. The film ends with a sequence where one of the characters is skinned alive and nothing is left to the imagination and it will go down as the second time in film I had to fast forward. It was so damn well done it turned my stomach but the movie was so fantastic I had to finish it! Easily one of the most disturbing scenes in cinema EVER!

Donkey Punch 'Orgy / Donkey Punch' Sequence: Donkey Punch was not a good movie at all but it did have its moments of extreme violence and disturbing imagery and without a doubt the sequence where the ladies and gents get to know one another which segways into a sexual encounter and then the 'donkey punch' was both unexpected, disturbing and schoking. The film has quite  a few shocking and depraved moments but this particular scene was the worst. 

Dead Girl The Whole Movie: Dead Girl is disturbing from about the 15minute mark in till the very end of the film. Really there is nothing timid about a film that tells the story of a group of boys who find a woman bound and abandoned in an old building and decide to keep her to fulfill their 'warped needs'. Well written it is extremely graphic and disturbing and its pretty hard to say which one is more shocking this movie or Martyrs.

Inside 'Birth Scene'. Inside is a blood bath with just about every possible mutilation and violation imaginable but without a doub the most shocking and disturbing scene was when the baby was born, not in a hospital, and not with the help of a midwife but cut out by a deranged maniac. Seriously rough stuff but also a really fantastic and insane movie.

Last House on the left Rape Sequence: The rape sequence in Last House on the Left the remake definitely put the nail in the coffin on the idea that this remake was a washed out remake to appeal to mainstream audiences. Well shot its easily one of the most disturbing scenes ever shown in a mainstream horror movie. Done tastefully it was still extremely hard to watch and the entire sequence where the two girls are led into the woods and then victimized really set the pace for the movie and had you begging for the revenge we all knew was coming!

So there you have it there are 5 scenes from horror movies released in 2009 that I found pretty shocking and rough to watch... what were yours?

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