Clash of the Titans 3D Treatment Confirmed


Recently alot of talk has been circulating online about whether or not Clash of the Titans was going to be in 3D or not. The confusion has risen because the film was not initially shot in 3D but afterwards Warners sent some footage out to be converted by an outside vendor. According to THR this change will only cost the studio $5 million and an additional $5 million to pay for the 3D glasses.

So now Clash of the Titans is the next 3D film but this time I think people who have been hating on the format may have no reason to do so in this case. Clash of the Titans was not directed with 3D in mind. So with that thought in mind it may not have some of cheap tricks to play with 3D. So now that Avatar is the biggest film ever you can probably expect alot more films to make this kind of change.

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