Miramax Studio Closes Down

Not fully horror, but still genre news in a sense.  Miramax Studios has faced some money issues over the years.  They've had some success both financially and critically, yet the amount of money being brought in couldn't outweigh the money going out.  And so, The Wrap reports that after 31 years Miramax closes it's doors.

Started back in 1979 by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the pair left Miramax in 2005 to form The Weinstein Company; taking Miramax's genre label Dimension with them.  In an odd twist, TWC is also facing it's own money issues.

Over the years Miramax produced such classics as My Left Foot, Resivoir Dogs, Clerks, Trainspotting, and Good Will Hunting.  Also under the Miramax label such genre films as The Burning, From Dusk Till Dawn, Mimic, and Phantoms were produced. 

Not as violent an end as some like United Artist, which went bankrupt in 1980 after Heaven's Gate or Carolco in 1995 after Cutthroat Island.  No word on yet what will happen to the Miramax library, the company is still owned by Disney and I imagine that the distribution rights fall to the mouse.  Miramax Studios: 1979-2010 goes to the great backlot in the sky.
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