Jeepers Creepers 3 Still On The Way!


About a year ago it was announced that Jeepers Creepers 3 was definitely being put together and it would just be a matter of time. Well "a matter of time" has turned into a year and still no Jeepers Creepers 3. But thankfully B-D has caught up with actor Ray Wise who has a nice update for all of us.

"The script for 'Jeepers Creepers 3' is complete," Wise said. "They're in pre-production planning now. I'm hopeful that sometime in the next two or three months we'll get a start date...[MGM] definitely want[s] to do it, and it's just a matter of putting together all the final financing I believe...I think it's gonna be a go in a couple of months."

He also told the site a little bit about where the story was heading, "It begins right where the second one ended, right there in that barn with the Creeper on the wall and me the old man waiting there with my harpoon gun."

Wise also said that no one but Victor Salva is going to direct. So no worries about a change of director in this case. Hopefully they finally get this project off the ground and the Creeper on the hunt again.

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