Juan of the Dead is Rising


Just about every country has weighed in with their own zombie film.. except maybe Cuba. But now their time has come according to Variety. With a budget of only $2.7 million they plan to make their entry with Cuban director Alejandro Brugues. Shooting begins in late September in Havana, and is produced by Zanfona's Gervasio Iglesias and 5ta Avenida's Inti Herrera.

The films protaganist played by Cuban thesp Alexis Diaz de Villegas, is a 40-year-old slacker named Juan who notices that people are beginning to turn violent. As a zombie epidemic spreads through Havana, he decides to make a quick buck, offering to slay people's infected relatives. But as the zombie plague reaches national proportions Juan has to concentrate on his survival.

Despite the budget mentioned above apparently it is a huge production for Cuba. It is also mentioned that the film is going to play a little more like a comedy. Brugues told the trades while the pic has political barbs -- when the outbreak begins, the Cuban government dismisses attacks as the work of dissidents on a U.S. payroll -- "Dead" is not political satire.

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