20 Vampire Movies that break the Vampire Mould


There's more than just Dracula, Lost Boys, Fright Night etc. of having the same old vampires of bloodsucking, to fangs to sun burning etc. even in novels, stories, TV shows, comics and movies because there are other breeds of vampires in world mythology such as in Africa, South America, Hawaii, Australia, Asia, New Zealand and even in Native American/Native Canadian myths.

There are some vampires who can walk in the day (Egyptian vampires, some South American, India and other breeds), some can be cannibals (The Wendigo of Native American and Canadian legends which can turn people into vampire people, West Africa, Philippines and other places), some can be awake all the time as they can sleep anytime they want, not all are effected by Garlic and holy objects but can be killed in different ways, some don't need fangs but rather have regular teeth but sharp as razor blades that can still affect a human (Egyptian, Brazilian, Filipino and other breeds), not all are pale but some are different races like black to Hispanic,  some breeds can morph into other animals like Snakes to spiders to Tigers in other countries legends etc.

Trust me, I’m a TRUE vampire expert unlike some folks who are fans of Dracula's drones even though I like those kinds of vampires and grew up with them since the 80's as a kid, it wasn't until 98 when I looked up on vampires as a teenager at age 17 that I discovered in books there's more than just Dracula as I read the other legends, looked them up on the net and even rented movies like Life-force, Captain Kronos, The Hunger and more as I learned there's more than just being the same stereotype. There are even Succubi or Succubus creatures which are related creatures to vampires even Incubuses as both incubuses and Succubus’s can sparkle in the eyes of that person they desire as powers in some parts of the world when in human form to seduce a person.

If people thought the Cullen family especially Edward were "different and weird" vampires in the Twilight movies (Guilty pleasures of mine) then they aren't alone because the ones I mentioned in the world myths show about different vampires although the Volturi (Awesome villains even Aros) are the non-sparkling more evil and straight breed of dark vampires who finds other vampires not like them to be like them much like the Spanish Inquisition was. Even in some movies, comics, games, anime and novels they show the different vampires of legends like I mentioned and here are examples proving the Cullen’s aren't the only cinematic vampires to be different.

1. The Hunger (1983): Excellent example of how a vampire isn't the same creature you see in Ann Rice, Buffy, Dracula or Blade! John and Miriam played by David Bowie and Catherine Devenue are of the Egyptian breed of vampires where they have no fangs but sharp as razor blades human teeth that can still infect a human (Much like the ones in Near Dark and Twilight) and walk in the daylight without being killed, but they also have a sharp object to slit throats then suck blood and can age rapidly if not given treatment of more blood. They can be killed in the chest.

2. Lifeforce (1985): Another quality underrated example that not all vampires are restricted to being like Stoker or Ann Rice!  This Tobe Hooper cult fave features three aliens who invade Earth in London to turn people into zombies and vampires alike. The three aliens in this movie are of an ancient race of vampires who visited Earth before and became the source/ancestors/birth to the vampires, succubi and zombies of legends and myths including Dracula. The 2 male vampires and succubus leader don't have fangs nor suck blood but rather suck out energy/souls/life-forces as they are Psi-vampires or Psychic vampires but still has Dracula qualities like becoming energy mist, becoming bat-like alien beasts with fangs, sleeping in energy crystals like coffins and can be killed in the torso instead of the heart with a leaded iron metal shaft.

3. Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter (1974): This one features day walking vampires who are of the Psi or Psychic vampire breed who still has fangs but can't suck blood as they can bite people to turn them into vampires but suck out youth, souls, energy and weakness instead.

4. The Keep (1983): Both the book and movie show that the very old Nazi is the cause to all vampires of legends as he is very vampiric but not in a traditional sense.

5. Planet of the Vampires (1966): Mario Bava cult classic that influenced Alien and Vampirella comics! This one features aliens who are of the Psi-vampire kind as they sleep underneath rocks like coffins and attack like vampires but no fangs.

6. Martin (1977): About a realistic vampire who is a boy, who believes he is one as he kills people at night then slits their necks and wrists to suck blood, hates daylight and garlic alike but loves blood.

7. Ravenous (1999): Features the Wendigo legends of how those spirits can turn people into vampires, zombies and werewolves but this time can make a person into a blood craving vampire-like cannibal that loves blood and guts even by bite.

8. Sleepwalkers (1992): guilty pleasure and a major inspiration to the Twilight novels and movies with its similar take of a strange town with vampire boy meets girl including weird MILF who is a "different" vampire as both Charles Brady and Edward Cullen are alike with Tanya and Bella almost alike only difference is that Edward doesn't go boning his mother like Charles does. This one features a race of feline-esque werecat/vampire hybrids who are from Egypt as they do have fangs and were the cause of the vampire lore’s as they do have fangs and claws but uses them to kill instead of for sucking blood and they are Psi-vampires as well.

9. Immortality (a.k.a. Wisdom of Crocodiles): Excellent art house UK cult fave with Jude Law about a vampire-like person who is suave and loves the taste of blood even with a knife.

10. Blacula (1972): The first African American vampire movie and an important one at that for restabilising the genre showing that not all vampires can be white. Paved way for more black vampires on screen, film and even an inspiration to Blade the vampire hunter in the comics and movies to Laurant the Jamaican vampire in Twilight saga.

11. Vampire Hunter D (1985) and sequel Bloodlust (2000): Introduces Dmphiles to the big screen which means half-breed vampire human spawns with powers that are unusual even a talking hand with air powers yet he can't jack off with that hand unless he wears a glove. Dmphiles have been in stories before even in Blade comics in Tomb of Dracula.

12. Near Dark (1987): Features vampires who don't have fangs but sharp human teeth yet they like garlic as it doesn't work for them yet they are afraid of crosses and can be killed by sunlight yet not silver or any type of bullets.

13. Lair of the White Worm (1988): Features a breed of vampires created from snakes and the main character is a bloodsucker who seeks what made vampires from a large white worm creature.

14. Habit (1997): Here is a movie similar to Martin showing vampirism as alcoholism and being drunk from too much blood once in a while.

15. Cronos (1993): Guillermo Del Toro's debut is a masterpiece and this shows an ancient device that can turn people into vampires and it lusts for blood.

16. Rabid (1977): Biological vampires from David Cronenberg! Marylin Chambers gets into a bike accident as she gets a new sex organ implant under her pits that shoots out a needle at men to turn them into vampire-like ghouls who loves blood.

17. Def By Temptation (1990): Excellent Troma made blaxploitation cult fave with Samuel L Jackson features a sexy female succubus/vampire hybrid who takes men from bars in New York as she gets screwed by them then after that she sucks their blood and takes their energy away even with tearing them apart. She can possess objects like TVs and stuff yet faith is the only way that can kill her like a traditional vampire does yet she is half vampire and succubus.

18. The Omega Man (1971), I Am Legend (2007) and Last Man on Earth (1964): All adaptations that show biological made vampires who are created by radiation as they can be hurt by sunlight yet come out at night looking for blood from surviving humans.

19. Thirst (2009): Great Korean made vampire movie about part supernatural and part biological vampire as a priest gets a transfusion experiment on him that makes him warty yet the only temporary cure is drinking blood as he even has powers too but can be defeated by sunlight.

20. Mr. Vampire (1985): Fun Hong Kong cult movie about a nice friendly vampire much like Casper was to ghosts or Wendy was to witches.

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