Fright Night Remake Based in VEGAS


Interesting plot update on the upcoming remake of Fright Night. The story will this time not be based in a small town but instead will be in vegas. Screenwriter Marti Noxon also reveals that this will be no friendly neighbour next door vampire and will be more like 'JAWS' living next door. I guess he wont sparkle :)

As noted earlier Christopher Mintz Plasse who starredin KICK ASS and SuperBad ( as McLovin ) has joined the cast of the Fright Night Remake according to HeatVision. He will play the role of Evil Ed Charlies friend who feels slighted by his friends new Vampire ways.

Colin Farrell will star as vampire next door Jerry Dandrige. Anton Yelchin as we told you earlier is playing the lead role of teen Charley Brewster. Toni Collette is playing Mrs Brewster.

Craig Gillespie will direct this version which is looking to be a pretty straight remake. The story still follows Charley Brewster that tries to convince everyone that his neighbor is indeed a vampire.

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