More Talk About Pet Sematary and IT Remakes


Today the amazing website that covers everything Stephen King, Lija's Library, managed to talk with screenwriter David Kajganich. If you want to talk about Stephen King remakes Kajganich is your man having written scripts for both Pet Sematary and It. LL spoke with him about what is happening with both projects. First up he spoke about the Pet Sematary remake:

"After I turned in my first draft, Paramount went through a top-down regime change and I was given a new executive who had creative ideas I just couldn’t stand behind. They wanted to appeal to younger audiences, so there was talk of making a teenaged Ellie the main character, and etc. It was really heartbreaking, but that’s how the process works sometimes. The studio was gracious enough to let me out of my contract and the project was dormant at the studio until very recently. The current news is that Paramount has restarted the process with a new producer and writer."

Next up they addressed the IT remake. If you have ever even just seen the book than you know that is one of Stephen King's longest books. So whether or not this was going to be a feature film or a mini-series was still up in the air. Here is what he had to say about that:

"In all of my talks with the studio, it has only ever been discussed as a single feature film. The book's length is clearly more suited to a mini-series—and I understand very well why they went that route the last time around—but I think the book’s content is really more appropriate for cinema. I told the studio from the beginning that I felt I needed to be able to write for an R rating, since I wanted to be as candid as the novel about the terrible things the characters go through as kids. They agreed and off I went."

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