Indie Horror In The Devil's Courthouse Trailer


Independent horror movie In The Devil's Courthouse has wrapped up filming according to TheTimesNews the website conducted in interview with director Ken Comito and lead female actress Ashley Nelson; Ken Comito said “I have written for numerous short science fiction horror films.” Comito said. “I have always had a desire and love for blood.”

For more on this story and interview head on over to TheTimesNews In the Devil's Courthouse is produced by Brain Juice Productions the movie is currently in post-production and they are putting a new trailer together in Los Angeles. I love and support independent movies as, the people involved have more freedom with how they want the movie to turn out, instead of having big production companies changing almost everything. Sure when it's independent you don't have much money but i believe with less money you become more creative and that helps alot.

From what I've seen and read I'm intrigued and impressed by the awesome F-X work in the movie and i will be looking for In The Devil's Courthouse on DVD when it's released early next year and i hope they do really well and continue to do what they love. Check out the promotional trailer below:

Synopsis: "Siblings, Leah and Steve, are forced to confront their strained relationship with each other as they and a small group of friends and strangers struggle to survive against a ravenous creature from Cherokee myth in the Appalachian Mountains." In The Devil's Courthouse is scheduled for release on DVD in early 2011 Head on over to the Official Website for more information and more production stills from the movie.

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