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ok boys and girls, time for another one of Mistress's lists. My list of top scary clowns..
Clowns have been the basis of many nightmares for alot of people.And really ? do we know what lurks

behind the greasepaint smiles ? the red honking noses ?  the orange tuffs of hair ? what are they

hiding ? why do they draw as much fear as they do laughs ??  Clowns are scary when they are just

normal clowns trying to get a smile.. but when they are evil... oh they are EVIL...

here is my list of top scary clowns of horror

It - Pennywise

In Stephen King's movie the villian "IT" had a taste for children, it used the appearance of Pennywise the clown to lure them and eat their souls. One of the most scariest clowns ever to appear in film

Clownhouse- Cheezo, Bippo and Dippo

In this film escaped mental patients steal the identity of some clowns and torment a poor boy named Casey. Not the best movies, but if you are afraid of clowns this wouldn't be the best film to watch.


We all Scream for Ice Cream-Buster

The neighborhood Ice Cream man back for revenge for a disastrous childhood prank gone wrong


Poltergeist- Clown doll scene

Poor Robbie scared to death having to fight the evil clown doll. One of the scariest scenes from the whole movie !!


Spawn-  The Clown

Not the best comic book movie adaption, SPAWN features a villain named, simply , The Clown. Clown is a messenger of the devil, or Malebogia, and is played by the animated comedian John Leguizamo. One of the best parts of this movie in my opinion.

Dead Silence- Clown Doll puppet

In one scene our hero encounters a clown puppet who is possesed by Mary Shaw's evil spirit.  I feel they could have made a whole movie based on this one doll. forget the other 100 dolls !!


Vulgar- Flappy

Brian O’Halloran plays a down-on-his-luck clown  named “Flappy��  who decides to make his character a bit more “risque��  in order to make a little more money. Of course, on his first job, he’s beaten and sodomized by a family of thugs and goes into a deep, dark depression. later he becomes a vigilante.


Killer Klowns From Outer Space-

Killer Alien Klowns..  Cotton Candy guns.   need I say more ??

House of 1000 Corpses/Devils Rejects - Capt Spaulding

One of the most charismatic charcaters from the movies.I have to say I loved Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Madness . An evil clown that has a horror ride AND fried chicken ? whoa baby.


Honoroble mentions:

Drive Thru


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