You Voted: The 20 Best Horror Films of 2010


So most of you should have noticed the huge changes to MorgueSpace that took place and the biggest new changes was the film database and much easier method for you to rate films and build your collections. As part of the launch of this new feature I asked you all to vote for your favourite horror films of 2010. The results are in and although we definitely will not agree with how each film ranked there is no denying that this Top 20 Horror Films list for 2010 is a true census of the horror community. These are the Top 20 Horror Films of 2010 based off the voices of YOU the community! Agree... disagree it’s your vote and if you voted great... if you didn’t well don’t complain that 13,899 others did and had their say for you. So here is the Top 20 Horror Films of 2010 based off nearly 14,000 votes with my own personal thoughts on each film.

Quick update: So it turns out my skills at numbering suck! I only listed 19 films by accident and since writing this so many more of you have voted for your favorite films of 2010 this list is no longer even reproducable :) So Lets just call it The Top 20 Horror Films of 2010 with one being a bit of a mystery...

#20) SAW 3D: The final installment in the saw Franchise it is probably fair that it lands at #20 on the list but for me it was a big pass. The 3D Gimmick wasn’t enough to get me into theatres for another SAW movie. I am pretty sure the studio had to flip a coin on whether to do it in 3D or make it SAW: Jigsaw in Space. Many of you did make it out to see it and it lands at #20 on the list based off your votes. This is the final film in the SAW franchise and I for one say RIP. It started out strong and has faltered for me long before it turned to 3D.

#19) Babysitter Wanted: Babysitter Wanted got an extremely limited release and the fact it even landed at #19 shows the diehards of our community were voting. Babysitter Wanted tells the story of a babysitter who takes a job at a rural farmhouse and soon finds herself in deep trouble! The fact it beat out SAW 3D shows just how passionate the true genre gurus of our site are!


#18) The Wolfman: The Wolfman was a mixed bag... I liked it and I disliked it but I can completely respect why it landed at #18. Featuring a strong cast including Anthony Hopkins and Benicio DelToro it’s a respectable retelling of a horror classic that could have been better but could have been worse. Director Joe Johnston recently talked about the film where he trashed it pretty good.


#17) Peacock: Peacock is one of those movies that will not appeal to everyone. A throw back to classic Hitchcock film’s it’s very much a psychological thriller and not a true blue horror film. That said it stars Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page and will tickle the fancy of those of you who enjoy dark thrillers with a lot of substance. In Peacock a train accident in rural Nebraska gradually unveils a mystery involving the town's bank clerk. A fantastic film that is admittedly a bit high brow but still truly a fantastic experience!


#16) Paranormal Activity 2: All I can say on Paranormal Activity 2 is PASS! Paramount hyped the first film up so badly that it reminded me of the over hype for HOSTEL and for that reason I never saw Paranormal Activity and have yet to see the sequel. Tons of you loved the first film and made it a blockbuster and the same can be said for the sequel. Although I chose to pass it’s no shock at all it lands on the Top 20 Best Films of 2010 just based off the box office numbers alone. Paranormal Activity 2 was a monster in the box office and Paranormal Activity 3 is already in the pipes


#15) I Spit on your Grave: Anchorbay’s remake of the classic original got an extremely limited theatrical release with its DVD release nearing quickly. Word has it that the remake pays justice to the original delivering the same stomach churning visuals and bringing bold new life to the word REVENGE. Because of its limited release it to be quite impressive that it lands at #15.


#14) Resident Evil Afterlife:  Admittedly not the best of the Resident Evil movies but also by no means the worst. The 3D was the all star portion of this film. Using James Cameron’s 3D Technology it is the most visually stunning Resident Evil film mixed with a reasonable script making it the best sequel in the franchise yet. By no means Top 10 material but worthy of placing #14 I think.


#13) Splice: Adrien Brody had a great year in 2010 delivering some really unique performances and Splice was one of those. For me this film is a throwback to classic sci-fi horror like ALIEN where the focus is on substance over glitz and glam and blowing things up. Co-starring Canadian Sarah Polley it tells the story of two scientists who splice human DNA to create a new species and true to form it quickly unravels. A fun sci-fi-horror film that will entertain fans who like their horror with a side order of sci-fi.


#12) Devil: Frankly this one surprises me. The latest film from M Night Shyamalan it at one point would have had me clambering to go see it but his theatrical magic is long gone and it will take a lot more than his name to get me to watch a film these days. Considering you all voted it to #12 perhaps I should go and give it a chance since its playing on Video on Demand this week.


#11) Human Centipede: Tom Six’s Human Centipede is an interesting twist on the mad scientist angle of horror films and features a great script, fantastic direction and a great base of talented actors. Easily one of the more interesting horror films of 2010 if not the weirdest. My only issue with this film is the plans of a sequel. I have no idea how you do a sequel that makes sense and doesn’t just cash in to line somebody’s pockets with cash. The Human Centipede is a great film but a sequel? I don’t get it.


#10) Predators: I was really excited to see Robert Rodriguez throw his weight behind rebooting PREDATORS after the atrocity that was Alien vs. Predator and I was not disappointed. Easily one of the best action-horror films in a long time. With a tight script, great cast and fantastic direction Predators brings a new twist on one of my favourite films from the 80’s. Adrien Brody steals the show playing against type as a mercenary tough guy and ‘That 70’s Shows’ Topher Grace proves he really can act in his role as co-star and in my view was one of the highlights... other then the predators of course. :)


#9) The Crazies: George Romero’s The Crazies is one of the few movies he has done that I have never seen. After watching the remake which starred Timothy Olyphant I am still kicking myself to this day that I have not seen the original. Remakes tend to be either horrible or almost as good as the original and considering the remake was a blast of intensity and action it makes me think I need to see the original pronto. Creepy, dark and with a nice subliminal political message the remake of The Crazies is easily one of the best remakes to pop out of the Hollywood birth canal in awhile! A tribute to George Romero’s style and vision that you can feel even if you have not seen the original but know Romero’s work.


#8) Shutter Island: At this point many of you are throwing your shoes at your monitors declaring Shutter Island isn’t horror. It is a crime thriller and a murder story wrapped up in an insane asylum. Yes it is not true blue horror but dark thrillers are good enough for me and clearly good enough for all of you! Landing at #8 it’s easily one of the best thrillers I have seen come out of mainstream Hollywood in a long time. Normally we have to rely on talented indie filmmakers to deliver good thrills but surprisingly Shutter Island delivered on all the hype!


#7) Frozen: Adam Greens Hatchet 2 and Frozen were both in contention for The Best Horror Films of 2010 and I think it says something that Hatchet 2 is not here and Frozen is. (Hatchet 2 landed at #23 just shy of the Top 20). Frozen is a demonstration of Adam Greens talent as a filmmaker and throws away the cliché splatter of HATCHET and introduces real characters, real terror and easily one of the best environmental horror films since Open Water. Not for everyone but definitely one of the best films of 2010 in my books and very much like Peacock is a throwback to classic thrillers of yester year.


#6) The Book of Eli: I am quite surprised that you all voted Denzel Washington’s Book of Eli so high up on the list but will agree it was a fantastic action packed tale of apocalyptic doom. Similar to Neil Marshalls Doomsday (although in my opinion not as good) it packs a dark tone, lots of action, gruesome violence and a crew of talented actors and actresses. Co-starring Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis it is a bleak look at a chilling and dark nuclear future! If they ever make a movie based off the Fallout games this is how it should look! The real standout in this film is Mila Kunis who for the first time since American Psycho 2 really stood out and showed she has something to offer as an actress. She has since gone on to wow movie goers in Black Swan but up until Book of Eli she seemed to be pigeon holed into playing the alternate hot chick when bigger names passed on projects. Book of Eli is definitely not traditional horror like Texas Chainsaw Massacre but it is action packed, apocalyptic and fun!  If you liked Doomsday and or Mad Max you will like Book of Eli!


#5) Machete: Machete don’t Text! Machete is a throwback to classic Grind house films and it comes as absolutely no surprise that you all voted it to #5. With its silly cheesy one liners and tongue in cheek violence Machete delivers in spades. This is the definition of a movie packed full of testosterone. Hot chicks, guns a plenty and cheesy one liners make Machete a worthy Top film of 2010. I have heard that the DVD release of Machete features a sex scene with two Jessica Alba’s; apparently she had a steamy scene with her twin that was cut from the theatrical release but made the DVD. Jessica Alba can’t act her way out of a paper bag but she definitely looks great! Yowza might have to check that out!  


#4) Piranha 3D: For the first two months of voting Piranha 3D was flip flopping between the #1 and #2 spot on our Top list. It ended up landing at #3 because of a late contender that came out of nowhere but any way you cut it Piranha 3D is a winner. A throw back to classic horror it adds in a new mix of 3D to raise the cheese to new levels. Plus what is better than Kelly Brook Naked in 3D?


#2) Let Me In: Let Me In is Matt Reeves remake of Let The Right One in which in my view is one of the best vampire films of all time. Let Me In although not as good as the original is still a fantastic film and was in my views the best film of 2010 hands down. Dark and visceral it pays homage to the original while deviating just enough to add new elements to the story without blaspheming the original. If you have not seen Let Me In to me you are truly missing out.


#1) Black Swan: This one came out of nowhere after a lot of debate on our boards as to whether or not Black Swan is horror. Starring Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman it is the story of a Ballerina who quickly becomes unhinged and although just recently released into wide release it clearly has hit a note with you all landing it at #1. I have not seen Black Swan but since it just opened up in wide release at theatres here I will be checking it out.


So there you have it, 13,899 votes, 20 Best Horror Films of 2010. You voted! I do not agree with every film on this list but I can agree that the Top 5 films you voted for are definitely movies that all horror fans should have seen in 2010 and if you did not for some reason you can snag them on DVD.  

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