Candyman 4 in the Works?


It has been a long time since I have heard anybody talk about Candyman 4. It seems like everyonce in a while somebody mentions this film and nothing really comes of it. But now with horror thriving I think this may have a fresh market.

MovieHole just recieved a scoop that Tony Todd has been talking about doing another Candyman.

“Tony is championing for it at the moment (Candyman 4). The studio knows he’s available, and there’s semi-interest over there too. I believe he wanted Clive Barker to get involved, but that’s not happening – no big news there.

“I believe the powers-that-be have had the suggestion of Jon English – he produced “A Good Woman’ for LG - thrown at them as a possible director – as suggested by Todd, who starred in his film Minotaur. Could well happen. Some pull there”.

None of this is official so don't go chanting Candyman just yet. But I do see this being a very probable project. Whether it be theatrical or straight to DVD I would love to see Tony Todd don the hook and play Candyman again.

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