Roth Reveals Plans For Cell


Eli Roth has once again come forward and shared a little bit of what he plans to do with Stephen King's most recent novel Cell. This time SciFi Wire caught up with the man while he was at the Saturn Awards in Universal City, Calif. He definetly wants to leave his own print on the movie, but he also has to capture the essence of the novel.

Roth will be fighting a battle to turn a Stephen King novel into a great piece of cinematic horror. Most directors who have embarked on the task have come up short with the exception of a few. But if we can go by what he has planned I think we can all rest easy.

"Well, there's going to be a little bit of violence," he said, with tongue in cheek. "There's going to be some blood. I want to make it really, really, really sick. Just full-on sick. But I also want to try to make it a worldwide event. Like, I don't want to see it just happening in one little town. I really want to see people going crazy all over the world and just see the end of civilization."

He mentioned earlier in the interview that he envisioned this movie being somewhat like the Dawn of the Dead remake. These people that are infected through their cell phones are not really zombies. They just go mad and cause havoc somewhat like 28 Days Later.

Roth still plans to finish Hostel 2 before he moves onto Cell. So keep it here because I will be following both of his films very closely and I'll be giving you guys all the details.

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