Update on Dog Soldiers Sequel!


Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat PosterIn this month’s issue of Rue Morgue (issue number 58, July 2006), there is not only an article of Neil Marshall’s The Descent but also one of the resurgence of the British horror scene. A sidebar by Tom Murray is all about Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat, the long delayed sequel to Marshall’s excellent werewolf picture Dog Soldiers.

Director Rob Green who previously helmed The Bunker (which is a fairly decent suspense horror film) is at the helm of this sequel. The story (which Green has written with Eric Miller) takes place shortly after the first, Pvt. Cooper is found wandering the forests by the American Special Forces group he and his squad was suppose to be going against. His story not believed (Sarcasm: I wonder why) he is held onto and a little while later a survivor of Captain Ryan’s unit comes up and guess what? They along with some others have and turned into werewolves.

Director Rob Green: "Some of the characters actually love being a werewolf because they are so powerful – the ultimate killing machineā€¦it’s a fun spin on the traditional angle that being a werewolf is a curse which damns the person the person no matter what. We also have a very savage she-wolf in the climax who faces against the leader of the pack of Dog Soldiers."

Now, we all know that Fresh Meat has long been on the rack, collecting dust but finally it looks like cameras wills start rolling this fall and Green explains why:

"We need longer nights for shooting because about 70 percent of the film is set at night. We want to shoot during a Hunter’s Moon when the moon appears three times its normal size."

I dunno about everyone else, but I am very excited about this. I love Neil Marshall’s original and I am very eager to see what new things Green brings to the plate.

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