DeadLands Contest : Spread The Virus


Time for another contest. This go around we are trying something new and creative. The point is to spread exposure for the film Deadlands and to bring Deadlands to an even bigger audience, and in turn reward you the members of our very bad ass horror community. So here is how it works, the contest is "Deadlands The Rising : Spread the Virus". Just like a zombie virus, we want you to go and infect your friends with DeadLands the  Rising by posting a link to this article, on your website, forum, myspace or blog. By posting a link to this news article, you have then infected somebody, and i turn if you are reading this because you have been infected, do the same, and spread the infection and win 1 of 5 Signed DVD's for DeadLands : The Rising. The Rules are simple

  • You Must be a member of our Forum
  • Be located in the US or Canada
  • Post on your blog, myspace, put a link in your sig, whatever
  • Post on this thread what you did and we will pick 5 winners.

Now for some CODE you can use. If you want to put the Deadlands trailer on your blog, myspace, or WHATEVER code and paste the following code:

<div align="center"><embed src="" width="485" height="275"></embed><br />
You are now Infected: <a href="">Spread the Deadlands Zombie Virus! </a></div>

If you dont want the video, but just a link your website/blog/myspace page put:
You are now Infected: <a href="">Spread the Deadlands Zombie Virus! </a>
Alternatively you can just put a simple text link to this ARTICLE. We do not want you spamming any sites, the idea here is to spread the word that promotes this indie zombie flick and rewards you for doing so! The contest is only open to registered members of our community in the US or Canada. The five winners will get a limited edition SIGNED copy of Deadlands The rising! The winners will be chosen for having done the most creative or bringing the most attention to this film!  And now be sure to enjoy the bad ass 3 minute clip from the indie film DeadLands : the Rising

DeadLands is an indie zombie flick based in the early fall of 2008, a terrorist attack has brought the United States to it's knees. This attack, biological in nature cause the Dead to return to life and seek human victims. The film follows a mother and her son as they try to escape their home to make it to safety. Her husband and his best friend are away on a trip and have to fight their way back to find his wife and son. Plus, a man who narrowly escapes a zombie attack only to warn others of the fate coming their way.

3 seperate stories all running together will fold together in the end with each group of characters fighting for their own survival against a growing army of the Dead. DEADLANDS, was just awarded BEST ZOMBIE MOVIE at the first ever Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville, Ky. 86 films were submitted to the festival, 40 were chosen for screening. Out of the 40 screened 14 were zombie films.
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