Midnight Meat Train Casting Update


One of Clive Barkers best short stories, "The Midnight Meat Train" is finally being made into a feature film. Not long ago it was announced that a really great director Ryuhei Kitmura (Versus) would be behind the camera directing. It was also soon followed up by the news that Bradley Cooper would star.

Today Dread Central got the scoop that both Vinnie Jones (X3) and Brooke Shields would co-star. Jones will play the precise, subway-stalking killer named Mahogany and Brooke Shields will play an art dealer who was not in the short story but will be a pivotal part of the story.

The Midnight Meat Train centers on a photographer on the trail of a serial killer who operates in the subway system. Shooting is scheduled to begin very soon so you can expect some more casting announcements in the coming weeks.

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