Rogue Trailer Finally Online


Rogue is one of those films that just never wants to come out of hiding. You wait days, then months and eventually years to see it. Now finally after all that waiting Fangoria got the hook up and got the exclusive trailer. Greg McLean is definetly stepping up his game with this one.

McLean's previous Austrailian flick Wolf Creek definetly has people for it and against it but it has managed to find a little audience. Now with his new "Croc Attack" film gearing up for release in Austrailia this August word is still out on any kind of U.S. release. The Weinstein Co. is going to monitor the release in Austrailia and then either release it theatrically or straight to DVD via Dimension Extreme.

So go check out the trailer at Fango and then get back here because we will be tracking the film closely so we can nail down when the film will be shown in the states.

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