Phantasm 5 Coming Soon?


Phantasm has always been one of the most consistent and popular franchises in horror. Something about the films just gets under your skin and stays with you. Not only are the little gnome guys crazy but there is always some great one-liners coming from Reggie as he is pulling out his insane 4 barrelled shotgun.

Talks are now beginning to simmer about the fifth film being made. Awhile back we heard that Anchor Bay may help fund the film. Now it appears that with script in hand they are even participating in cast readings. What fuels the fire even more is a new Youtube video that was posted with Don Coscarelli saying goodbye to the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin.

The video opens up with Angus Scrimm and A. Michael Baldwin in character saying their lines from the apparent script! We will be following this development very closely. Check out the video below of the footage I was just telling you about. It could be a scene in Phantasm V!

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