7 out of 10 Skulls
Written by: Meh   

You gotta love when the caption on a DVD is both cool and limited. The synopsis for this film starts with 'one of the most relentless winter horror films ever made....' which is pretty cool till they throw in 'by Canadians!'. That reads to me that the movie is pretty dman crappy and the best way to make it sound good is to limit it to a small area. Its like saying 'the toughest guy around....' and throwing on 'this house'. Its silly and makes no sense to me. That said Scarce is what it is. Its shot in the style of the classics like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and portions of the film are pure genius and other portions of it are complete drivel. Darren Lynn Boussman the director of SAW has the quote on the dvd which says alot and i can see how he enjoyed aspects of it but the movie definitely is flawed in parts which you may or may not be able to look past.

I did not at all find the movie scary or creepy but I did enjoy the story behind it. A group of teen guys heading home get caught in a snow storm and are helped by a nice Hill Billy who ends up being more then just a mountain man and has them for dinner... or at least tries. The main male characters of the film are fantastic and once you actually get into the film its very well done. The problem is you have a good 25minutes of complete drivel to start the film off that does nothing for the movie but really lower the bar and tempt you to turn it off. You have some cliche hot chicks, a cliche lesbian make out session and a cliche house party,,, cliches are great when they are well done I suppose but these were not. The hot chicks were mediocre hot at best. The house party looked so put on it was like they snagged a bunch of kids off the street to do the scene. The lesbians? Yeah you dont want to see them. Token boobs that really we could all do without. It really lowered the bar on Lesbian Love Scenes.

The thing is once you get past the mediocre start and get all the stupid fluff out of the way you really do have an interesting and powerful tale that despite its limited budget is pretty darn creepy. The lead characters do a great job and their characters are well thought out. Admittedly the FX are a bit cheesy at times but overall the movie really is a fun canabilistic tale once you get past the initial mess. I think that if you are a fan of classic horror you will find something to love in this movie but if your cup of tea is mainstream horror you would probably enjoy using this dvd as a coffee coaster more then watching it.

The 7 out of 10 rating is based on me forgetting the first 25minutes of the movie and putting heavy emphasis on the ending which is both creepy and truly fantastic.

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