Official Teaser Trailer for ‘Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories’
Written by Chris Savage, March 21, 2016
Earlier in the month we received word that a sequel to last year’s highly acclaimed horror anthology Volumes of Blood, was on the horizon, and we ushered in the early details and that was that. But today, we have your first official look at Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories, and it already looks freakin’ brutal! Care

A Demonic Unicorn Stalks a Cabin in the Woods in ‘Tarnation’
Written by Chris Savage, March 20, 2016
THIS is why I freakin’ love this genre! One minute you’re talking about a serious horror flick, then suddenly you’re reading about something that features a demon unicorn! I mean it’s just awesome, and there is nothing else quite like it. So, you ready to go back to that cabin in the woods? If so, brace

‘Marilyn: Zombie Hunter’ Casts Krista Grotte
Written by Chris Savage, March 19, 2016
It’s been a little while since we had an update for you in regards to Thomas J. Churchill’s highly anticipated flick Marilyn: Zombie Hunter, but news has come that horror vixen Krista Grotte (Illusions, Lazarus: Apocalypse, Nation’s Fire; pictured right) will star in the upcoming film, and we’re freakin’ stoked! Krista is utterly stunning, and she is carving

[Trailer] Boy Bands Reunite to Take on Zombies in The Asylum’s ‘Dead 7’
Written by Chris Savage, March 18, 2016
And just like that, the official trailer has landed for Danny Roew’s Dead 7, which features a slew of 90s boy band members has landed, and believe it or not, it doesn’t look half bad. In fact, I’m sure I’ll be checking this sucker out, but what about you? Hit up the trailer below and let

First Teaser Trailer for ‘The Gracefield Incident’
Written by Chris Savage, March 18, 2016
I know many of you have grown tired of the whole POV-style, but there appears as if there is still a little gas left in the tank as Mathieu Ratthe’s latest flick The Gracefield Incident looks awesome! The film is seen through the perspective of a prosthetic eye, which has a camera embedded inside, and the

‘They’re Watching’ Through This New Official Poster
Written by Chris Savage, March 17, 2016
On the off-chance you missed this one last time, here comes a horror flick from the folks that wrote Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Spongebob Squarepants, and as such, Micah Wright and Jay Lender’s They’re Watching looks utterly awesome, completely off the walls, and just our cup of tea I think. So, how about

Joston Theney’s #Sinning Works Acquires the Supernatural Film ‘Viktorville’
Written by Chris Savage, March 17, 2016
We here have been following Joston “El Rey” Theney’s career for as long as we can remember, and that includes his production shingle #Sinning Works. In the past, films under the #Sinning Works banner were only written and directed by Theney, but, he is on the lookout for films which fit his brand and it appears

Richard Rowntree Looks to Turn His Short ‘Dogged’ Into a Feature Film
Written by Chris Savage, March 16, 2016
We have absolutely nothing against crowdfunding, in fact we encourage you to pursue your passions, but sadly we can’t cover every film that chooses to use this platform, so we meticulously search through a slew of films for the best, and we think we have found one for you in the form of Richard Rowntree’s Dogged. Richard Rowntree is

This Official Poster & Trailer Has Begun to ‘Decay’
Written by Chris Savage, March 16, 2016
We have just received word that the folks over at Uncork’d Entertainment will be unleashing Joseph Wartnerchaney’s upcoming feature Decay, into theatres and VOD this April 8th. And below, we have scored the first official trailer, poster and a slew of stills courtesy of October Coast, but I’d be quick as they appear to be decaying at

First Official Teaser Trailer for ‘Krampus: The Devil Returns’
Written by Chris Savage, March 15, 2016
Did you guys catch Jason Hull’s Krampus: The Christmas Devil? Like it, didn’t like it? What ever the case maybe, a sequel is on the horizon and it’s entitled Krampus: The Devil Returns, which stars horror vixen Melantha Blackthorne, and we have scored the first official teaser trailer for you to check out below. The film

Boy Bands Unite to Tackle Zombies in ‘Dead 7’ – First Artwork Inside
Written by Chris Savage, March 15, 2016
Want to know what boy bands do when they break-up? Well, most usually go on solo adventures, but a slight few take their chiseled good looks, harmonized vocals and do battle with the freakin’ undead! I mean, no zombie would see it coming, it’s genius! So, are you ready to step into The Asylum’s latest flick?

Moondog Media Unleashes ‘The Horror’ This April
Written by Chris Savage, March 14, 2016
When you read a quote which states Jerry White III’s first film The Horror is a “modern take on Norman Bates,” you take notice. And better yet, when said film is set to be unleashed onto freakin’ VHS, you have no choice but to have your sights set on this sucker. So, who wants to witness The

Official Teaser Trailer for Stuart Wheeldon’s ‘The Telephone’
Written by Chris Savage, March 14, 2016
Are you up for a little psychological thriller? If so, we have your back once again as Stuart Wheeldon is set to unleash The Telephone, the film is the second part of a planned trilogy of short horror films, and we have scored your first look via the official teaser trailer. So, the question remains, will you

Evil Lurks in the Backwoods of Black Creek in ‘Red Eye’
Written by Chris Savage, March 13, 2016
We’re always on the lookout for the best in independent horror, and it appears as if we may have just located another one. From Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff comes their upcoming feature film Red Eye, a film where a local legend resides in the backwoods of Black Creek, and some are looking to dig up the legend, but

Satan Has Jaws! – ‘Shark Exorcist’ Hits DVD This June
Written by Chris Savage, March 12, 2016
Yes, Donald Farmer’s (DEMON QUEEN, CANNIBAL HOOKERS, DORM OF THE DEAD) Shark Exorcist is still very much alive and well, in fact it’s doing so well that it’s scored a DVD release and some pretty sweet artwork! So, make your way below and check out the newly released box-art, and all the details you need in regards

Marcus Bradford Looks to Fuse Several Sub-Genres for ‘Witchula’
Written by Chris Savage, March 12, 2016
Marcus Bradford has starred in a slew of films, and has recently turned his attention to directing, one of his upcoming flicks that immediately caught our attention is Witchula. A film which is set to fuse several sub-genres together; it features witches, werewolves, vampires and more, but their most interesting creature is the title character

Official Teaser Trailer & Poster for Tiffany Castro’s ‘Lucifer’
Written by Chris Savage, March 12, 2016
Are you ready to step into the darkness? Well, Tiffany Castro’s latest horror flick Lucifer, looks set to bring the chills and thrills, as we have scored the first official teaser trailer, poster and details. The trailer is a gloomy, eerie, brief tease into the film, which I think many of you will absolutely enjoy. Check

Jack the Ripper’s Infamous Murders Are Recreated in ‘#Screamers’
Written by Chris Savage, March 12, 2016
I recently stumbled upon the trailer for Dean Ronalds’ upcoming flick #Screamers, a film which utilizes found footage, but at the core it’s a slasher flick. Now, there isn’t much in terms of a synopsis, but judging by the official trailer (see below) it appears as if someone or something is recreating Jack the Ripper’s infamous

Feast on the Official NSFW Trailer for ‘Harvest Lake’ – Plus Blu-ray Details Inside
Written by Chris Savage, March 11, 2016
Well, can this film get anymore awesome!? Not only is it directed by Scott Schirmer (Found), but it stars Tristan Risk, Ellie Church, and The Confession of Fred Krueger’s Kevin Roach! Yep, this sucker is packed to the gills with awesomeness, and the trailer is just the icing on the cake. Check out the trailer, poster and

First Official Photos from ‘Sons of Bitches’
Written by Chris Savage, March 9, 2016
A few weeks back we gave you your first look at Arnaud Baur’s upcoming horror short Sons of Bitches, a film which comes from Neuchâtel, Switzerland and is produced by Olivier Beguin (Chimeres). It’s a horror/western, and judging by these first official photos we have for you, these guys are definitely on the right tracks. So, head on