New Official Poster & More for ‘The Hollow’
Written by Chris Savage, August 31, 2016
From Miles Doleac comes his latest flick The Hollow, and we’ve scored the brand new official poster, along with a slew of stills, a trailer and theatrical locations for the upcoming release of the film, which hits this October 7th via Uncork’d Entertainment. From the Press Release: From writer-director Miles Doleac and Academy Award Winning Producer Lisa

First Official Poster for Joston Theney’s ‘Adam K’
Written by Chris Savage, August 24, 2016
We’ve been following Joston Theney for years. He’s delivered some excellent stuff, especially with his Axeman series, but now he is taking a different direction with Adam K, and it promises to be one hell of a bloody, sadistic ride. So, make your way below and check out the first official poster as well as details

The Official Trailer for ‘Weresquito: Nazi Hunter’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, August 20, 2016
All I can say is, thank you Christopher R. Mihm! For many years he has been unleashing 1950s style b-movies, and with each passing film they just seem to get better and better, and perhaps a little more bizarre. So, what’s next from the man? How about a film that involves a man who has the

‘Dolly Deadly’ Finds a Home on Blu-ray & DVD
Written by Chris Savage, August 19, 2016
Welcome to the warped world of Heidi Moore’s latest flick Dolly Deadly, a film that is said to be filled with practical effects and judging by the first trailer (see below) it looks set to be a lot of fun, if not a little twisted. If you like what you see, you can score your copy

Part Human. Part Dinosaur. All Soldier. It’s ‘Killersaurus’
Written by Chris Savage, August 18, 2016
When it’s not sharks it’s dinosaurs, but how do you make a T-Rex more terrifying than it already is? Well, you modify that sucker to become the ultimate battlefield weapon, and we have the official artwork and trailer for Steve Lawson’s Killersaurus, so you get get a glimpse. To be fair, the artwork is actually pretty killer, pardon

The Red Band Trailer for ‘Terror Toons 3’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, August 18, 2016
I’m not going to deny it. I absolutely loved Joe Castro’s Terror Toons, it was just off-the-wall insanity, loved it! But saying that, I never did get around to watching the sequel, but perhaps it’s time to change that as Terror Toons 3 is on the verge of release. So, courtesy of Steven Escobar, the producer

‘Lake of Shadows: The Legend of Avocado Lake’ Secures an All-Star Cast
Written by Chris Savage, August 15, 2016
Don’t you just love it when a film comes along and you beginning reading the casting and you’re like, “yes, yes, oh definitely, oh hell yeah!” Well, that’s pretty much what I said when I began reading through the cast for Michael S. Rodriguez’s Lake of Shadows: The Legend of Avocado Lake, but it gets better.

Get Caught in a ‘Flytrap’ on VOD and Digital HD
Written by Chris Savage, August 15, 2016
It appears as if Stephen David Brooks’ Flytrap is gearing up for its release as we have just learned that the film will be making its way to Digital HD and various VOD platforms this August 23rd, and we’ve got all the details, including the trailer below. From the Press Release: My Man Productions has announced

New Official Artwork for ‘Clowntown’ Has Arrived
Written by Chris Savage, August 15, 2016
Earlier this month we learned that Tom Nagel’s (The Retrieval) Clowntown will be invading theatres this September 30th and then VOD and DVD on October 4th. Now, courtesy of our friends over at Dread Central, we have the official artwork and you can check it out below. From the Press Release: ITN Distribution, Inc., has acquired North

‘Dark Cove’ is Available Now on Digital HD and VOD
Written by Chris Savage, August 12, 2016
We have just received word that Rob Willey’s feature debut Dark Cove, is currently available to rent and own on Digital HD in North America and Cable VOD in Canada. So, are you guys planning on going camping? I suggest you check out the trailer below and pick up some survival techniques. From the Press Release:

Evil Takes Control in the Official Teaser Trailer for ‘Found Footage 3D’
Written by Chris Savage, August 10, 2016
It’s been a while since we’ve last had an update for you in regards to Steven DeGennaro’s latest flick Found Footage 3D, but thanks to the passing of time we can finally reveal the first official teaser trailer courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, who premiered the trailer. The film looks intense, eerie and unforgiving. I think many of

‘Night of the Living Deb’ Finally Hits DVD This September
Written by Chris Savage, August 10, 2016
Finally! Kyle Rankin’s zombie comedy Night of the Living Deb is about to see the light of day, as the film is finally scheduled to be unleashed onto DVD and digital this September 6, 2016 via MPI Video, and we have all the details you need including the new artwork and trailer. From the Press Release:

Kane Hodder Hacks His Way into ‘Witchula’
Written by Chris Savage, August 9, 2016
We’ve been following Marcus Bradford’s latest flick Witchula for quite some time now, and with each passing announcement it just heightens our excitement for this one. I mean, how can you not be excited for a film that is being dubbed as the “Expendables of horror”? So, with that, we can announce that Kane Hodder is

First Official Trailer for Marco V. Scola’s ‘WE’
Written by Chris Savage, August 7, 2016
Well, what can we say about a film with the title WE? It doesn’t really give away anything, and that’s awesome! Also the same can be said for the trailer for Marco V. Scola’s flick (which you can check out below) as it doesn’t reveal too much but just enough to get you engaged. So,

Official NSFW Trailer for ‘The Love Witch’
Written by Chris Savage, August 6, 2016
From Anna Biller comes her latest flick The Love Witch, a film that looks as if it has just come from the hands of one Jess Franco! They have seriously nailed the look and feel of such films from the ’60s with their tribute to technicolor thrillers of that time. So, below we have scored

‘The Ninth Passenger’ Begins Filming in Vancouver
Written by Chris Savage, August 1, 2016
We have just received word that Ian Plaff is making his feature-length directorial debut with The Ninth Passenger from 308 Enterprises, and the film is currently filming in Vancouver. Make your way below for an early look at the film and let us know if this is something you’ll be keeping an eye out for or

‘Chopping Block’ Hits DVD and Blu-ray This August
Written by Chris Savage, July 28, 2016
Joshua Hull’s Chopping Block has been receiving a ton of praise, and our very own Shaun Huhn loved it, giving it a 4/5 [REVIEW], and now you guys can witness the film as it is making its way to Blu-ray and DVD as well as Vimeo. Check out all the details and trailer below. From the Press Release:

‘Zombinatrix’ Unleashes An Awesome Limited Edition T-Shirt
Written by Chris Savage, July 22, 2016
Michael Kyne and Bianca Allaine’s upcoming feature film Zombinatrix, is one film we’ve been following very closely as it sounds awesome! But as with any indie film, funds are scarce, and while they have managed to raise some funds they are still in need of some help. So, Baltimore’s Pizza Party Printing have created a truly

Get Impaled by the Official Teaser Trailer for ‘Pitchfork’
Written by Chris Savage, July 21, 2016
From Glenn Douglas Packard comes his directorial debut Pitchfork, and it just so happens to be a creature feature! Below we’ve scored the early details, artwork, and the official teaser trailer so you guys can get a taste of this one. From the Press Release: Pioneer Motion Pictures has unleashed a new teaser and poster for

The Official ‘Ice Sharks’ Trailer Has Landed
Written by Chris Savage, July 21, 2016
What with a new Sharknado on the way, you know what’s on the horizon? That’s right, it’s nearly time for Syfy’s Sharknado Week which begins this Sunday, July 24th. With that, we’ve scored the official trailer for Emile Edwin Smith’s Ice Sharks, and you guys can check out the carnage below. We’ve also scored the complete