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They Will Outlive Us All Hits DVD This May
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For those of you who are after a little creature feature action to kick of their weekend, you’re in luck as with have just the remedy in the form of Patrick Shearer’s giant bug flick They Will Outlive Us All. It’s a horror-comedy which looks set to be one of the better ones, or at least here’s hoping. [...]

The Dead Lands (2014) review
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Toa Fraser’s The Dead Lands plays very much like a redemption action film on its surface. You have the unlikely hero, the grizzled anti-hero, the quest for ritious revenge. All the normal beats. What sets the film apart, though, is the Māori culture and tradition – from weaponry to cultural beats to a more honest-feeling [...]

First Photos from The Dark Below
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We have just got word that Douglas Schulze (Mimesis: Night of the Living Dead) is unleashing a brand new film entitled The Dark Below, a unique survival thriller which is said to only have three spoken words of dialogue throughout the film, and it’s one film that I’m highly stoked for. Imagine being the prey of [...]

First Look at Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre
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All I can say is, you can never have enough shark, and speaking of which we have another shark-filled horror flick for you guys. This one is entitled Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre and it’s directed by Jim Wynorski and stars Dominque Swain and Traci Lords. However, this might just be the most bad-ass looking shark I have ever [...]

New Photos Unleashed from Axeman II: Overkill
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As it has been a fair few months since we last had an update of any kind for you guys in regards to Joston Theney’s Axeman II: Overkill, it seems we’re definitely overdue for an update. Thankfully that day has come in the form of a new batch of photos from the upcoming sequel and [...]

You’re So Cool, Brewster! – Fright Night Gets a Documentary
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You can’t see it right now, but trust me, I am grinning from ear to ear at the news of Fright Night finally getting a documentary. This is one film that I absolutely adore. Ever since I first witnessed this one as a young child I was hooked. Just everything about this film is awesome, the [...]

[Trailer] Evil Resides Within The Dwelling
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Can you believe it has almost been a year since we last had an update for you guys in regards to Kyle Mecca’s Dwelling? It feels as if I wrote about this one just yesterday! I have a feeling there is some evil at foot here, and speaking of which, we have the full official demonic [...]

[Horror Short] The Sceptic
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As you guys know we absolutely love the indie scene and we do what ever we can to help get the word out, so you guys can find this new talent wherever he or she may lay. Speaking of which, we have found a rising talent in the form of Kev Harte, a UK-based writer [...]

Get Infected by the Official Trailer for Strange Blood
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I’ve just got done watching the official trailer for Strange Blood, and it looks utterly awesome! It also just so happens to be Chad Michael Ward’s directorial debut, although he has directed a slew of music videos for a whole bunch of artists and it certainly seems as if he has a flare for visuals judging [...]

Official Trailer for Evil Bong 420
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It’s that time of year again, April. No, not April fools day, it’s nearing towards 4/20, April 20th, and with that, we have scores the official trailer for Evil Bong 420, if you’d wish to partake a toke? If so, make your way below and witness the mayhem unfold. Synopsis: Polish your balls and head to [...]

First Trailer & Poster for The Badger Game
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I don’t know how this one flew by my radar but somehow it did and I’m kicking myself! But, finally I have caught wind of Thomas Zambeck and Joshua Wagner’s The Badger Game, a film that looks set to take us on a harrowing journey filled with violence, a dash of humor and I’m sure a few [...]

Nina Forever Movie Review – SXSW 2015
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There are so many many things about Ben and Chris Blaine’s Nina Forever to admire – whether it is the matter-of-fact way in which they approach decidedly off-center sexual dynamics or the practicality of blood effects or maudlin dark humor or the sweet nature of ever-challenging romance – it all works so well. So whether [...]

Turbo Kid Movie Review, SXSW 2015
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There is no logical, intelligent or rational way anyone could take a film like Turbo Kid and filter it down to some easy explanation. It is part Richard Stanley’s Hardware, it is part coming-of-age film, it is part 80s splatter and, lord, a dozen more. What is really is, when you get down to it, [...]

New Official Artwork for Reichsfuhrer SS
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Way back in January we gave you guys the first news in regards to Reichsfuhrer SS, which is directed by David B. Stewart III. At that time it was announced that the folks over at SGL Entertainment will be handling the distribution of the film and with that we can unveil the new official artwork which was [...]

First Teaser Trailer & Poster for Helen Keller vs Nightwolves
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Did you guys say you have seen it all? I’m not so sure about that. Let me introduce you to Ross Patterson’s (FDR: American Badass) Helen Keller vs Nightwolves. Yep, Helen Keller might be blind and deaf but that ain’t gonna stop her taking on the Nightwolves which terrorized her town, and with a couple of knives [...]

[Trailer] There’s ‘Something In The Woods’ and It’s out for Blood
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Over the past few years, the humble Sasquatch has been featured in a slew of films, some good and some not so much. But I have to say, from witnessing this trailer which you can view below, Tony Gibson and David Ford’s Something In The Woods, looks like the real deal. This could very well be [...]

[Trailer] Evil Is Unleashed in The X Species
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When ever I get word of a new creature feature, I can’t help but have a little grin knowing that one of my favorite sub-genres is still very much alive and well. But then they throw the curve-ball which just so happens to be POV or found-footage and then I feel a little less excited. However, [...]

New Official ‘Homicycle’ Trailer Inside
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Wow, this is a blast from the past! It’s been about two years since we had anything for you guys in regards to Brett Kelly’s 80s-style exploitation flick, Homicycle, but today not only do we have some new artwork for you we also have a brand new trailer so you can get a look at [...]

[Trailer] First Look at The Void
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From Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie (Manborg, “W Is for WISH” from ABCs of Death 2) comes their latest film The Void, and I have to say that this one looks promising. So, today we have scored not only a trio of posters for you but also a trailer and if you like what you see, [...]

First Trailer for the Upcoming Cannibal Film ‘Ghoul’
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Throughout history we have seen some vicious and truly horrifying serial killers, but there is one name that usually rises above the rest due to his actions and most notably cannibalism, and that is Andrei Chikatilo. Throughout his reign of terror through the 70s and 80s, Chikatilo killed over 50 young victims until he was finally [...]