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Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster Premiere’s This Thursday
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We have been keeping a close eye on Melantha Blackthorne’s latest flick, Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster, as the film definitely has a unique feel about it and it’s something I think a few of you will really dig. So, if you’ve been following this one to, you’ll be pleased to hear that the film will be [...]

[Trailer] First Look at Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs
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Well, I don’t even… Yeah. If you thought Cowboys vs. Aliens was ridiculous, you ain’t seen nothing. Let me introduce to you Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs from Ari Novak, which just so happens to star Eric Roberts, and we have scored the official trailer and some artwork courtesy of Dread Central. Check out the insanity below [...]

First Official Teaser Trailer for Jessica Cameron’s Mania
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Way back in December we gave you guys your first look at Jessica Cameron’s latest feature Mania, by way of a couple of NSFW pictures which certainly set the tone. Now today, thanks to our friends over at Fangoria, the official teaser trailer has been unleashed and it looks awesome! I mean how can it [...]

Official Poster and Details for S.T.A.R. [Space Travelling Alien Reject]
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When it comes to creature features I am a total sucker for them, so when I got word that Adam R. Steigert (Not Human, A Grim Becoming) was working on one himself I just had to get in on that and today we have scored the first details as well as the theatrical poster for [...]

First Look at Fatal Pictures’ Heir
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From Richard Powell comes his latest short Heir, and we have scored the official poster as well as a couple of stills to give you a taste of this little horror short which stars the indie horror icon Bill Oberst, Jr., and so far this one sounds as if it will hit the mark. Oh, did [...]

New Official Trailer for The Transparent Woman
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From Domiziano Crisopharo comes his latest flick The Transparent Woman, and we have scored the brand new trailer and some artwork for the upcoming film. Upon watching the trailer you definitely get an Mario Bava and Dario Argento vibe, and if you’re into the whole giallo style then I recommend you give this one a look. Synopsis: Anna is [...]

Turn Your House Into A Horror Movie with New Smart Phone App
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Ever wanted to be a part of a horror movie? Sure you have, we’re horror fans, and it turns out you may be able to be a part of a horror movie within your own home through a new app entitled Night Terrors, and we have some early details as well as a trailer to give [...]

New Official Eerie Trailer for The Suffering
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From Robert Hamilton comes his latest flick The Suffering, a film which looks set to take you on a journey into the mind of madness and into the depths of hell. Yep, and we just so happen to have the first trailer for you guys to check out as well as some poster art to [...]

New Official Trailer for I Survived a Zombie Holocaust
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Here’s a blast from the past. The last time we had an update for you in regards to Guy Pigden’s I Survived a Zombie Holocaust was around four freakin’ years ago! Thankfully in that time it appears as if the film has risen much like a zombie from an open grave and we can unleash the [...]

First Teaser Trailer & Photo from Some Kind of Hate
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From Adam Egypt Mortimer comes his latest slasher flick Some Kind of Hate, a film that deals with bullying, the supernatural and a whole lot of revenge and the guys over at The Hollywood Reporter have scored the first teaser trailer, so hit them up and check it out. The film stars Grace Phipps and Sierra [...]

Raiders of the Lost Shark Hits DVD This May
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You guys didn’t think this one died did you? Oh, not a chance. Brett Kelly and Scott Patrick’s Raiders of the Lost Shark (Best title of the year!) is still very much alive, in fact this one is making its way to DVD this May 19th via Wild Eye Releasing. If you missed the trailer last [...]

Casper Van Dien Takes on a Ratpocalypse!
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Well, we certainly see a few strange films through these parts, so basically it’s hard to be shocked or even surprised anymore, but Vladimir Uglichin’s Ratpocalypse is most definitely a strange one that I just can’t help but be intrigued about. Just a shame the Jim Henson Company isn’t involved as we could have got some [...]

First Look at The Omega File
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A couple of months back we broke the news that the folks over at SGL Entertainment had acquired Massimiliano Cerchi’s original sci-fi series The Omega File, and we had a few details to share with you as well. Today however, not only do we have your first look at the series but we also have some [...]

NSFW Trailer for Dude Bro Party Massacre III
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Well, that was a little bit awesome! Below we have for you the first official NSFW trailer for Tomm Jacobsen, Michael Rousselet, and Jon Salmon’s Dude Bro Party Massacre III, and if you like things a little out there. Well, actually so out there that it’s off the freakin’ planet! Then this sucker is for you. [...]

[Trailer] Dark Secrets Will Unfold ‘At Granny’s House’
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I am always on the lookout to give you guys something new and different, something hidden beneath the floorboards just waiting for the world to see and today we give you your first look at Les Mahoney’s At Granny’s House. An intriguing thriller which will become a macabre place of death. Dare you enter Granny’s House? [...]

Official Trailer & Poster for Bigfoot: The Movie
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Over the past few years we have seen a slew of Bigfoot movies crawl out of the darkness and into the light and it has been awesome. It’s great to see the humble Sasquatch get some much needed attention and today is no different as we present to you the first trailer and poster for Bigfoot: [...]

[Trailer] IntesTed Is The Most Bizarre Movie You Will Ever See!
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Forget everything you know about film. Everything. You think you’ve seen it all? You ain’t seen nothing until you see Cam Schwartz and Phil Pattison’s short film IntesTed. It is quite possibly the most bizarre short I have ever seen and you know what? I loved it! It’s just so insane it’s hard not to love, from [...]

The Invitation Movie Review ( SXSW 2015 )
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The slow starting, rumbling dread and unease of Karyn Kusama’s The Invitation is borne out in a lot of different ways. From painfully uncomfortable social interactions to suspicions of ulterior motives to unequal emotional outpourings – all of which play right into the wheelhouse of those squigged out by those type of things. This opens [...]

The Official Killer Rack Trailer Has Arrived
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You’re gonna need a bigger bra! Get ready for the mayhem, Gregory Lamberson’s (Slime City, The Jake Helman Files) Killer Rack has finally released an official trailer and we have all it’s perkiness inside. If you love b-movies you will love this, just when you thought it was safe to go back into that bra, a whole [...]

They Will Outlive Us All Hits DVD This May
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For those of you who are after a little creature feature action to kick of their weekend, you’re in luck as with have just the remedy in the form of Patrick Shearer’s giant bug flick They Will Outlive Us All. It’s a horror-comedy which looks set to be one of the better ones, or at least here’s hoping. [...]