Netflix Canada Horror Movies Worth Watching / Feb 2013

Herner Klenthur

Its time for a new edition of horror movies worth watching on Netflix, the Canuck addition. As a little side note this site is not a Canadian site as most of you regulars know it’s an international site that knows no borders. That said as a Canadian contributing to the site I think its my duty to share some Canadian Netflix delights for our small sub section of Canadian readers.

So friends without further ado here are some Netflix Canada horror movies that I think are well worth watching this weekend.

The Rite

I am honestly not sure why but many people truly hated this Anthony Hopkins movie. I actually was pleasantly surprised by it and although it’s not The Exorcist Exorcist it is a fine supernatural movie that stands out amongst the sea of crap that has recently been released within the religious sub genre of horror films.

In this graphic supernatural thriller, a Catholic priest in training journeys to Rome to attend a special exorcism school at the Vatican.

#8) The Rite ($96 Million ) Despised by many The Rite is actually one of my favorites of 2011. It is a classic tale of religious terror in the vein of The Exorcist


Stakeland has made just about every top list I have ever written and is in my view one of the greatest vampire movies ever made. If you have not seen this gem which stars Danielle Harris then you really need to re-examine why you call yourself a horror fan. This is the Walking Dead of vampire movies in tone and overall feel. I would love to see it expanded into a mini series.

This genre-bending thriller combines vampires, religious fanatics and post-apocalyptic horrors with a coming-of-age tale that finds drifter Mister training young Martin to survive the nightmare that has become America as they journey to New Eden.

Stake Land

The Snowtown Murders

When it comes to disturbing Snow Town Murders is absolutely brutal. There is nothing polished or glamorous about this Australian movie that is based off a true story. It is a violent, vicious and difficult to watch film that shows just how evil society really is at its core.

This grisly thriller is based on the true story of Australia’s worst serial killer, John Bunting, and the people he convinced to help him.


American Psycho

Before Christian Bale was playing Batman and making more money in a day then you and I will ever see in a life time he played one of the greatest characters of all time.

With chiseled good looks that belie his insanity, a businessman takes pathological pride in yuppie pursuits and indulges in sudden homicidal urges.


Outpost: Black Sun

I love a creative zombie movie and Outpost Black Sun is a pretty entertaining zombie film that isnt your usual fare. It also happens to feature Nazi’s which has suddenly become trendy when it comes to zombie films.

Two Nazi chasers team up with a Special Forces unit to track down a World War II-era machine that rendered Nazi soldiers invincible — and immortal.


Let Me In

Above when I referenced Stakeland I called it one of the greatest vampire movies of all time. Let Me in would also fall firmly into that category. Both are Top 10 material in the horror genre when it comes to truly polished modern horror movies. Sure some of you will crap on me for loving a remake but I have to admit it was very well done. As far as which film is better .. yes.. the original Swedish film Let The Right One In is a must see and is superior.

When 12-year-old Owen befriends neighbor Abby, their bond helps him confront bullies, but he soon suspects his mysterious friend has a dark secret.


30 Days of Night Dark Days

Sequels are often hit or miss and when I first heard of plans for a sequel to 30 Days of Night I was concerned. The original film is genius and typically direct to DVD sequels not only miss the mark they crap all over the original.

Despite the fact it went direct to DVD and re-cast its most important character I have to admit that Dark Days is actually a really good movie and one I truly enjoyed.

With help from some eccentric vampire hunters, widow Stella Olemaun stalks the queen vampire responsible for the attack Stella survived in Alaska.



John Cusack is one of my favorite actors. He is witty, intelligent and absolutely hilarious. The film Identity is more thriller then horror movie but its the story of a group of people trapped in an old Motel that are being stalked by a killer. The movie is not what you expect and will blow you away.

When it comes to truly amazing thrillers Identity without question fits the bill and this film is one of John Cusack’s finest.


Ghosts of Mars

Ghosts of Mars is one of those movies that EVERYONE seems to hate. I for one happen to think its one of John Carpenters best movies. I mean come on, zombies on mars…. does it get any better? Packed full of action, gore, and a really hot female lead its a corn ball affair from start to finish that takes itself very seriously. For me its a fine example of outstanding sci-fi horror.

Synopsis: Two centuries in the future, a squad of tough-as-nails cops are dispatched to a remote mining outpost on Mars to bring back a deadly criminal.



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      1. Michael February 17, 2013 at 3:02 pm

        Good list, as usual! But LET THE RIGHT ONE IN is a Swedish film, not Swiss!

        • Herner Klenthur February 17, 2013 at 7:48 pm

          Thanks for the heads up buddy. I just fixed it.

      2. Damian February 17, 2013 at 11:55 pm

        I’m confused as to why there is an Australian film on the list?

        • Herner Klenthur February 18, 2013 at 12:03 am

          Hey Damian I am confused. You think that Australian films dont appear on Netflix Canada? Netflix USA and Netflix Canada have films from all over the world.

          This list was NOT a list of Canadian horror perhaps that is the confusion. Thanks for commenting :)

      3. XendawG April 30, 2013 at 11:56 pm

        I finally got around to Stake Land- talk about living up to its hype. Brilliant.