Early Synopsis for Tobe Hooper’s Djinn

Chris Savage

We have mentioned Tobe Hooper taking on a Djinn, once before, but there was never any indication that it was fully underway. Well it looks like it is going at full throttle, as its currently filming. With much thanks to The National we have a behind-the-scenes image as well as an early synopsis and other details.

Early Synopsis: “The film is set in 2015 and follows the story of Khaled and Salama, a couple who return home from America to discover their apartment in a luxury high-rise, built on the site of the deserted fishing village, is also home to malevolent beings,

Danielle Tully, the films German producer explains; “There is not that much blood, it is more of a supernatural horror rather than a thriller or slasher horror. It is a tale told with a lot of respect for the Emirati traditions and it will stay with you for a long time.

There is one strict rule while working on the set of Djinn, no-one ca actually mention the word “djinn” as it has been taken out of respect. Also it is thought if you mention it, one will be conjured up.

Filming is said to end in April and there are already plans in place for a prequel and a sequel. What do you guys think?

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