Official Poster & Trailer for Found Footage Sasquatch Flick ‘The Woodsman’

Chris Savage

Is it me or is the humble Sasquatch getting a lot of film time these days? Suddenly there is an influx of Sasquatch themed horror films, and I for one am giddy with joy. Its a great little subject for a horror flick, but the question remains will they do it justice?

Well many of you may shake your head when you hear that the film is a found footage flick, but perhaps you could still give it a chance even if found footage isn’t exactly your cup of tea. Thankfully I love the sub-genre and I’m just happy that found footage is alive and well.

So below we have our first look at Christian Cisneros’ The Woodsman via a trailer and poster courtesy of our friends over at UndeadBackbrain. Go give it a watch and let us know what you make of this one.

The film stars Mauricio Ripke, Julian Guevara, Eric Garcia and Robert Stewart.

Synopsis: “Mauro Bosque was an adventurer, a survivalist, but most of all he was a dreamer. Driven throughout his life by the stories told to him as a child by his grandmother, Mauro spent his days exploring some of the most dangerous places in the world and sharing those adventures on his Internet based reality show, “HOMBRE Y TIERRA”.

In January of 2005 he began his greatest adventure yet, exploring the dense forests of Belize to search for a series of legendary caves which he believes were once home to a clan of historic Mayan warriors. The journey began with dissension between Mauro and his producer but quickly returns to normal. Mauro tell his producer Chucho what he wants to hear but secretly Mauro had made up his mind that he would take this journey on his own terms regardless of the consequences.

With Mauro now on his own he quickly becomes lost when the river he planned to follow becomes uncrossable. His journey to find a way across the river leads him directly into the territory of an ancient beast who does not want Mauro encroaching his boundaries. Mauro knows something is now tracking him and as the darkness closes in around him he becomes increasingly wary of who or what is out there waiting.

This is the terrifying story of a man searching for a dream, only to find his greatest nightmare.”

For more information, hit up their official Facebook page.

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      1. Kyle Styres August 18, 2012 at 7:20 pm

        I forget what that last sasquatch movie was called but it was good. the only bad part about it was that the sasquatch looked really stupid. an older low budget sasquatch movie is ‘night of the demon’. check it out.