Danny Trejo Cast In SyFy’s Haunted High

Danny Trejo Cast In SyFys Haunted HighAs soon as you see the word SyFy and movie together, usually all expectations are out the window. Lets be honest, nine times out of ten, SyFy’s original movies are kind of bland and boring, but sometimes, just sometimes we are treated to something rather good.

For example, Scream of the Banshee. Thanks to Heat Vison, here we have Jeffrey Lando’s original SyFy movie, Haunted High which actually has some familiar talent announced. First up is genre favourite, Danny Trejo who is said to be playing the role of the janitor who is also secretly the guardian of the school.

Joining, Trejo is, M.C. Gainey (Terminator 3, Unearthed), Charisma Carpenter Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Marc Donato  (Degrassi: Next Generation) and Jonathan Baron.

The film “is set at the fictional Holloman Acadey, a New England private school that is visted by a demonic dead headmaster (Gainey).

Baron is the headmasters grandson and must fight to save the school while Donato is the school’s bad boy.”

At this time no release date has been set, but it is possible that this may receive a limited theatrical release. More as it comes.

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