New Anthology Horror Film Sanitarium


Anthology films are always a load of fun. There are some things that you can’t do in a feature length film or work better in a short story. That is where the almighty  anthology comes in. Today STYD discovered that a new one is currently in post production called Sanitarium.

The cast consists of Malcolm McDowell, David Mazouz, Chris Mulkey, John Glover, Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Englund and Lacey Chabert. Bryan Ramirez, Kerry Valderrama and Bryan Ortiz will each direct.

Three half-hour stories make up Sanitarium and each segment is based on particular patients of a mental institution. The episodes begins with Dr. Stenson, the primary physician at the Sanitarium, commenting on the recent arrival of a new patient.

He will carry the viewer through the narrative of the insane patients – tales which led to their crazed states of minds. These accounts reflect hallucinations, imaginary voices and alternate realities, and will include themes of the paranormal, the unexplainable and the mystical.

This definitely sounds like the Amicus film Asylum. A very good anthology and hopefully this one can be just as good. Keep it here for more.


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