Dark Feed is Unleashed onto DVD this March

Chris Savage

You wanna know something? I still haven’t seen John Carpenter’s The Ward, reason why? Well, from what many of you guys have said, it just isn’t up to scratch, but will the writers of The Ward strike gold in their latest flick Dark Feed? You guys can find out this March.

Dark Feed is set to be unleashed onto DVD, Digital Download and VOD this March 19th via Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

No special features have been announced for the DVD just yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised if none are announced.

Dark Feed is written & directed by Michael Rasmussen and Shawn Rasmussen.

Synopsis: “A film crew moves to an abandoned psychiatric hospital with a shadowy past to shoot a low budget horror film. The late nights and lack of sleep begin to take a toll, and the longer this crew works, the more the leaky, wet building seems to be coming back to life, feeding off its new inhabitants. As the shoot wears on, members of the crew exhibit increasingly strange behavior, leaving those still sane realizing they need to get out of this place before they, too, succumb to the building’s infectious hold. The only problem—the old hospital is not ready to let them go.”


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      1. John Wao January 10, 2013 at 11:42 pm

        Almost sounds like Session 9.

      2. Jim Parsons January 12, 2013 at 6:05 am

        You should give The Ward a chance. Sure it’s not vintage Carpenter, it was never going to be, but for what it is, it’s pretty entertaining. Certainly a hundred times better than Ghosts of Mars. Plus it has the mighty Amber Heard giving it her all, always a good thing.