Scream Factory Releasing Night Breed: Cabal Cut

NightBreedCabalCutScream Factory have just made a collosal announcement. In 2014 they will be releasing Clive Barker’s Night Breed: Cabal Cut. This cut of Night Breed has been one of the most anticipated releases in quite some time. It has only been doing the rounds at film festivals and private screenings but now the extended cut of Clive Barkers classic film will soon be available from Scream Factory.

If you are curious what exactly the Cabal Cut is, it consists of a lot of footage that was cut out of the original film including a new ending. Russell Cherrington the Restoration director has worked closely with Clive Barker, and initially edited along the ‘Nightbreed’ 2nd draft screenplay, which was the draft of the original cut. After the first edit was completed Russell worked closely with Clive and Mark Miller of Seraphim (Clive’s production company) to fine tune the print into what was as close to Clive’s original vision as possible. Now in its 4th edit, from Clive’s notes on the previous edits, and suggested alterations, Russell has produced The Cabal Cut. This is though ever evolving and there are further though plans to re-edit more to be better and better with every screening, right up until the eventual DVD/Bluray release from Scream Factory.

Check out the trailer for the release below.

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