Official Poster & Trailer for Atlantic Rim

Chris Savage

You’ve probably guessed it already, and yes, you’re right! The Asylum has returned once again with yet another mockbuster and this one appears to take its cues (rip-off) from Pacific Rim. But, hear me out, it actually looks promising. Okay, its not quite up to Guillermo del Toro’s standard, but, considering the minimal budget, I’ll check this sucker out.

One question though, how do The Asylum get away with films like these? Still, its always a laugh to compare there’s to the original material.

So, below, thanks to Undead Backbrain, we have scored the first poster and trailer for Jared Cohn’s Atlantic Rim.

SynopsisGiant monsters rise from the depths (or are they aliens from outer space?). Humans build giant mecha with which to defend themselves. A crack team of pilots is assembled, including one contentious, but highly proficient, member. Can he get his shit together in time? Will the individual pilots ever work together as a team? Will there be enough of a budget for there to be more than a few token appearances of the monster(s)? Will the Asylum be sued?

Like I said, it does look like it has potential, but will the entire film hold up? I guess you guys will have to be the judge of that. Hit up the trailer below and check this sucker out, let us know if you’ll be checking this one out?

Atlantic Rim


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