Watch Horror Short: Death Scenes

Yesterday I shared with you all a short film called DONT MOVE and it can be summed up with ‘wow’. Today I am back with another horror short that quite frankly makes me disgusted. The horror short film is titled Death Scenes and is about a detective who brings in a serial killer for an interrogation to discover a much darker story lurking beneath the killings.

What makes me so disgusted is the fact that this film was released by BloodyCuts in October of 2012 and in 7 months only 13,000 people have watched this spectacular short film. BloodyCuts is a group of professional filmmakers who dabble in their free time making films for a genre they clearly love on almost no budget at all.

I am not sure what the budget for Death Scenes was but DONT MOVE had a budget of $3k and rivalled big studio genre films in its complexity and final polish.

Death Scenes is a genre bending film about murder, revenge and the scary things that go bump in the night. Is it perfect? No film is perfect but Death Scenes is in my view spectacular. I would not only pay to see this turned into a feature film I think that studios would be foolish to overlook the potential this short has as a full length thriller.

Death Scenes is written and directed by Joel Morgan it stars Robin Berry and Ayden Callaghan alongside Charlie Bond, Paul Jibson and Carol Storey.

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