Stephen King Responds Dome TV Show Controversy, Awesome Box Set Announced

Herner Klenthur

I never read Stephen King’s Under The Dome and since I do not have cable I also have not seen the show. It would seem however one thing has not changed it is still very difficult to translate one of Stephen King’s books to the big or small screen.

The Dome has deviated so much from the books that fans of the original novel are now up in arms.  Stephen King proving that he is a classy guy actually wrote an open letter to his fans not only defending the show but also the changes that were made. He says in part;

…If you loved the book when you first read it, it’s still there for your perusal. But that doesn’t mean the TV series is bad, because it’s not. In fact, it’s very good. And, if you look closely, you’ll see that most of my characters are still there, although some have been combined and others have changed jobs. That’s also true of the big stuff, like the supermarket riot, the reason for all that propane storage, and the book’s thematic concerns with diminishing resources.

Many of the changes wrought by Brian K. Vaughan and his team of writers have been of necessity, and I approved of them wholeheartedly. Some have been occasioned by their plan to keep the Dome in place over Chester’s Mill for months instead of little more than a week, as is the case in the book. Other story modifications are slotting into place because the writers have completely re-imagined the source of the Dome.    That such a re-imagining had to take place was my only serious concern when the series was still in the planning stages, and that concern was purely practical.

If the solution to the mystery were the same on TV as in the book, everyone would know it in short order, which would spoil a lot of the fun (besides, plenty of readers didn’t like my solution, anyway). By the same token, it would spoil things if you guys knew the arcs of the characters in advance. Some who die in the book—Angie, for instance—live in the TV version of Chester’s Mill…at least fora while. And some who live in the book may not be as lucky during the run of the show. Just sayin’.

Have you seen Under the Dome? What did you think of it?

In related news a new limited edition of Under The Dome has already been announced and is available to order on Amazon right now for $79.99. This is a 20% discount off its normal price. When it comes to TV box sets I have to admit this one is definitely one of the better designs I have seen. No doubt that Stephen King fans and fans of The Dome will want to pick this one up.

under the dome bluray

under the dome bluray 2


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      1. Tiago June 30, 2013 at 4:51 pm

        I havent read the book, but the first episode was very good. Feels like a kings series… And its been some time since we ve seen a long run kings series. Of course it is produced by spilberg, so its very comercial. I bet they tonned it down a lot.

      2. bob101910 July 1, 2013 at 12:34 am

        The box set looks cool. Meant to watch this, but forgot. Looks interesting.

      3. Sandra July 1, 2013 at 2:37 pm

        Liked the first episode very much. Haven’t read the book yet though, but it’s on my to-read list. Also have to say I agree with King in his letter.

      4. lance malarky July 1, 2013 at 4:19 pm

        First point of order-Herner,man, how long have you been an amazon sales rep? Good pitch, but I won’t be buying, I’m afraid :)
        I am an huge King fan, having read about 30+ of his books. I have read Under the Dome, but not watched the series. What real King fan though is really sitting there being disappointed with this? Its so a-typical that they do this. Only a hand full of his books (I’m being generous) have been translated in a good manner onto the big or small screen. Does there not come a point when you expect this type of behavior from production companies?
        Kings books usually have so much complexity that only words can really paint the picture he is trying to make and I find a lot of the joy I get from his books are from the attachment he builds for you to the characters and settings, as well as the first class story ideas. I always try to detach myself from knowing its a King story and try to take it on its own merit. Which I usually fail to do and bitch about anyway, but it’s always worth a try :)
        Perhaps they should have the title of
        “Inspired By the Stephen King book…” instead of ‘Based on’…
        I will give it a watch if it ever comes to the UK screens, or if someone gives me the dvd. I hear amazon have a good deal!

        • Herner Klenthur July 1, 2013 at 4:52 pm

          Completely agree on the adaptation of Stephen King books. And its ok if you dont buy it I wont be either. I dont collect expensive TV box sets because I cant afford to but it IS a really cool box set and yes its for sale on Amazon as I stated.

        • Tiago July 1, 2013 at 5:10 pm

          I agree that most of his novels are better, all that I have read are actually way better than the movie. But, still, some of the movies based on his stories are some of the best horror movies, or at least, pretty dawn good movies like: Pet Sematary, The Shining, Carie, Firestarter, Cujo, The Mist, Creepshow, Misery, Thinner, The Stand… are all good movies, in my opinion.