‘Evil Dead 2’ Writer to Direct ‘Wrath’

Ryan Sternfels

Writer, Producer, and Director Scott Spiegel is on board to direct Fatality Film’s latest horror flick, Wrath.

A horrific murder that took place over two hundred years ago gives birth to a vengeful creature, The Easter Witch, who returns to exact revenge on the unsuspecting locals of a California coastal town in the mid-1980s. The town of Emerald Beach holds a secret, a secret that the town’s troubled inhabitants have kept since 1736. Told as a local legend to the town’s children, the words echo on the night air as a caution.

“Run on home.  Heed the warning.  Don’t come out till early morning.”

But now, in 1986, on the eve of Swedish Easter, brothers Colton and Reid Bergstrom will come face to face with this chilling secret.  As night falls over Emerald Beach, Colton and Reid must run for their lives and survive until dawn as a terrifying and ravenous creature known as The Easter Witch begins an unstoppable hunt for the brothers, stalling them at every deadly turn.

Spiegel wrote the 1987 sequel to the cult-classic, The Evil Dead, and went on to produce the wildly popular Hostel movies.  The script comes from newcomer Alex Sosin and produced by Andrea Albin, co-founder of Fatality Films with Spiegel.  Hopefully the film will distinguish itself from other ‘monster-witch’ movies such as Darkness Falls, however the genre (so-to-speak) hasn’t been tapped successfully in a good long while and could use some new material.

No word on when filming starts but it’s rumored that casting is underway.

Sound like a movie you’d see?  Think it’ll be too similar to Darkness Falls?  Let us know in the comments!

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      1. Rafizan September 26, 2013 at 3:57 am

        You are right Ryan. The premise did remind me of DARKNESS FALLS. The movie I think suffers from the over use of CGI witch. But the build up is quite intense in my opinion. Plus, there is Emily Browning and Emma Caulfield.